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Some interesting Facts about Jammers

  Nowadays, technology is developing very fast. Many new technologies appear so quickly that many of us may not even know that. And we do know that new technology not only can bring us benefits, but also can bring us some serious problems. Just like there are a lot of hidden cameras, they can be used to violate our privacy. And the mobile phones, which we often use, can be also easily used as...

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Why Some Hospital Need Jammers

  Know what GSM jammers are using now? Of course, now widely used in places where phones are not allowed, hospitals, courts, theaters, conference halls and many other places need a quiet place. So where will the jammers use in the hospital? The first is to create calm conditions for the patient so that they have a good rest. Some patients need a quiet environment to recover, but now because p...

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A Man Use a Jammer to Steal the Money in the Car

Recently, the Haidian police arrested a suspect in the campus door using jammers to steal the property of the parents car. In China Haidian police station received a warning from Mr. Dong said that he drove the child after school to school, found out that the value of 36,000 yuan of items all gone in the car, including luxury handbags and wallet each one and two mobile phones and other property , ...

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Some Questions about Jammers

  Who hasn't fantasized about throwing someone's cell phone out the window after unwillingly hearing way too much of his or her conversation? Cell-phone jammers silence these yappers and all other calls, obnoxious or otherwise, in a given area. But are they legal? Here are some questions about can see how much do you know. 1.Why were cell-phone jamming devices originally developed...

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Is it helpful to use a jammer in office?

Recently a company used cell phone jammer in the office to help the employee focus on their job when at work? Is it that right for that? The FCC has delivered an announcement that the any use , sell of the jammers is  forbidden. Obviously it seems wrong to do that. But according to the survey,the efficiency of the employees have increased because they can focus on their job. But some people in the...

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