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Auto ECU Programmer

How to change voltage in USB UPA V1.3

This is Tutorial is from office blog how to raise voltage from 3.3v to around 3.7v for a UPA-USB device programmer as 3.3 don’t read some chips and 4.8 is too high for some.   Purpose: Raise voltage via UPA USB V1.3   Device used: UPA USB V1.3 hardware test pass 100%   Reason for voltage change: reading s93a66…. fine but wanted to transfer data to 93c66 and wouldn’t...

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MPPS V18 vs KESS V2 vs KTAG vs FgTech Galletto v54

How to choose the right ECU tuning tool you need really? MPPS v18, ktag, kess, fgtech4 or 2? Tips from pros here… Hope this helps. ECU tools/Communication MPPS V18 KESS v2 KTAG FgTech 2 / Fgtech 4 OBD2 √ √   √ BOOT   √ √ √ BDM     √ √ J-TAG     √ √ Tricore √       So, KESS v2 supports obd2, boot MPPS v18 works for obd2, Multiboot, Tricore for Mare...

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Tuning/Programming EDC17 ECU chip Toturial

How to tunig/programming EDC17 ecu chip?Here have some different solutions for most details help the beginners. Here we go… What is Electronic Diesel Control (EDC)? EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) is definitely an electronic engine-management technique for diesel engines. The new EDC17 is usually used incredibly flexibly in any vehicle segment on each of the world??s markets. The Bosch EDC17...

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EDC15 Recovery using Bootmode with MPPS V18

But aparently none of them described how to do this exatcly, i mean how to write with mpps in bootmode. Everyone was saying that is “simple, just write in bootmode”, “MPPS can recover almost any EDC15 ECU”, “I’ve done many times” an so on.   I found this very hard to do, and while searching decided that if i succeed to recover i will do a simple instructions how to do it without asking too ma...

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