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How to install OPCOM VAUX-COM 120309a software on WIN10

This toturial is about  how to step by step install OPCOM diagnostic interface VAUX-COM 120309a software driver on Windows 10, especially for those troubled with “OP-COM usb is not detected on Windows 10”. Run VAUXCOM.exe Allow this app to make changes to your device Go to Settings in VAUX-COM 120309a 吧    Test interface Connect the interface to the USB port, or install the USB driver Close VAUX-C...

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How to driver opcom china clone usb

After VAUX-COM 120309a installation, FTDI CDM Drivers interface will pop up automaticcaly. Click “Extract” to extract FTDI CDM Drivers Connect op-com cable with computer, system will install driver software automatically   Right click Computer>>Manage>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>USB Serial Converter to check if opcom driver is well installed Then you ...

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Paid one Autel Maxidas DS808 kit scanner and service reset tool and was asked to provide an objective review on its operation and capabilities. I was interested to see how things had developed for Autel, as my previous experience of Autel diagnostic equipment was the first generation, Autel Maxidas DS708. First impression to the full package When Maxidas DS808 arrived at me, the carry case looked ...

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I-2016 Actia Multidiag Renault/BMW Review: Works OK

I-2016 Actia Multidiag review… Works perfectly with Renault, BMW, Opel, BMW X5, Citroen C5, Pug 301, American Ford, Audi, etc. Actia multi diag interface i have Actia multi diag price: €229.95 (acceptable for me) Actia multi diag download via No need actia multi diag keygen Actia multi diag review…. here you go. Renault Clio was my first subject to observe, I connect the Actia mul...

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Launch X431 vs Launch M-Diag vs Easydiag

Launch X431 or Launch Easydiag?  Lauch x431 is better than easy diag. If you really want one cheap with some bi-directional control a DS150e chinese clone is ok but you’ll need to set it up on a laptop. I’d recommend Easydiag and Vlads Software 1 year update . It gives you id say 95% of what real x431 xpro3 can , i’m speaking about basic functions that original would have that cracked easydiag to ...

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How to switch K+DCAN cable 7&8 pin for K-Line or Dcan connection

How to use/switch/connect to K-Line or Dcan pin 7&8? I have one of those K+DCAN USB cables and I am confused about how to switch the modes of it. Here are good tips i found, of the switch-mode k+dcan usb cable user manual. All i’ve collected just for education.   About the switch-mode K+DCAN interface – I assume the reasons being that on DCAN cars one pin is used for a ethernet connection...

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