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A lot of software can work with Ford VCM II

This Ford VCMII can works with: Ford IDS Mazda IDS Suzuki SDT 2 JLR SDD Toyota Techstream Nissan Consult 3+ Honda HDS This is about Ford VCM 2 software compatibility. And also with any other software that support Passthru J2534 devices Why is not working the Mazda IDS for you is that you need to do some tricks to make it works Maybe will be someone such a kind to tell you how to do it. All that it...

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Best Quality VCM II VCM2 For Ford Diagnostic Tool

SP177-S VCMII, it has the same function and same quality as VCM 2 SP177-C/SP177-C1!!!BTW, SP177-2's price is lower,Cost-effective, it can save $50+USD!!! VCM2 For Ford Features: 1. The VCM II is the new Ford OEM diagnostic tool. It provides dealer-level diagnostics using the IDS software.  2. The VCM II is the brand new diagnostics interface from Ford for use with the Integrated Diagnostics Softwa...

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VCM2 clone (Vxdiag Vcx Nano)/ IDS version/ Driver Questions & Answers

I have both a vcx and a decent vcm2 clone, both from I purchased the vcx first thinking I could get by with it and was sadly mistaken. If you never intend to do anything other than read codes and live data then the vcx will do however I was never able to get it to reprogram anything or connect to ANY north american diesel trucks. My vcm2 functions flawlessly including updating it...

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Which tool for VW/Audi Component Protection?

This is for those looking for a tool for VW/Audi Component Protection… There are three (or more) options of VW/Audi Component Protection. It can be done with FVDI2 commander, Auro IM6000 and ODIS service and the like. Option 1: FVDI2 VAG: Car list: AUDI A4/A5/A6/A8/Q5/Q7 component protection Instrument CAN: Reading security code (PIN) and component protection by OBDII – VW CRAFTER Component Protec...

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How to install/use Mongoose Pro GM 2 cable

Here is tutorial of step-by-step how to install Mangoose Pro GM II Cable and how to use. Note: here we’re talking about Mongoose Pro GM 2 china clone (also name Mangoose) Here we go: How to install Mangoose Pro GM 2 software: Install VMware-player-6.0.6-2700073.exe copy “GM Ⅱ” to harddisk. open “XP_EN” with VMware Player How to install GDS2 Tech2Win for Mongoose Pro GM 2: Here are my photos! Step ...

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VCM2 IDS USB device, language, license, drive issues (Advice/Suggestion)

Here are some advice and suggestion for your VCMII IDS tool ,when you meet issues like these below: – try with V86 versión, when I plug in the USB give me this error “unknown USB device”... – download VMWare V93 from this fórums it is on Russian and I can't change the language… – try to install V92 like I saw on cardcodereaders through Youtube… But even I ...

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