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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Update Failed Error Solution

Problem: When trying to update my VVDI Key Tool NA version software to 2.0.9, it failed me at the last step and showed me error Error code (400) Upgrade Failed Error code (22)  Read internal error Vvdishop engineer suggestion: 1. Change another laptop running Windows XP operating system 2.If still not working, try to send the update log to engineer Open Settings Add “Log=1” Then try update softwar...

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VVDI Key Tool Renault Logan ID46 HITAG2 key sniff data

Renault Logan ID46 HITAG2 key sniff data solution on Xhorse VVDI key tool key copy machine. Insert original key into left coil Select Transponder Clone-> ID46 HITAG2->Use wireless remote for sniff data Insert VVDI wireless remote key into left coil Close original and wireless remote, insert original key into ignition to sniff data Install battery and put acquisition remote near vehicle ignit...

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VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter Calculate W204 EIS key Password

Here’s the step-by-step guide to calculate MB W204 EIS all keys lost key password using VVDI MB BGA Tool and power adapter in 20 minutes. Connect W204 EIS using VVDI MB EIS cables now follow the steps Open VVDI MB software Select EIS Tools->Read EIS data->Save EIS data Save eeprom bin file and HC05 format file Select Password Calculation Tick lost all working key Select chassis W204 Click on...

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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Bluetooth App Download and Installation

Xhorse tech developed a VVDI Key Tool Mobile APP special for global locksmith. It can be used for car remote control and chip related operations by connecting to the VVDI KEY TOOL device through Bluetooth and provides data retrieval and customer service as well. Software function mainly includes transponder generating, transponder cloning ,transponder editing, remote generating, remote cloning, re...

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Can I change VVDI Key Tool from ME to EU version?

Xhorse vvdi key tool eu version remote generator software updated to newest version v2.2.0. V2.2.0 software is only available on VVDI Key Tool EU Version currently. How to update VVDI Key Tool via Xhorse upgrade kit? The VVDI KEY TOOL will release new upgrade within 2 weeks and all versions (all regions) will share the same firmware. Later it will be the same as EU version.  The only difference is...

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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Convert Opel PCF7935 Transponder to ID40

How to convert Opel Corsa transponder  from PCF7935 to ID40 using Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL remote maker. Turn on VVDI Key Tool Select Generate Transponder ->Europe->Opel->Corsa->ID40 Insert Corsa PCF7935 transponder chip into the left coil of vvdi key tool Recognize transponder type:7930, 7931, 7935 Opel Corsa ID40 1998-2006 Select Transponder Clone on main function menu Insert chip into t...

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How to use VVDI Key Tool to Clone Hyundai Solaris 2016 ID60 Chip Key

Here’s the little guide on copying of ID60-6F 80bit (Kia / Hyundai) chips with Xhorse VVDI Key tool remote generator.  This particular vehicle is a Hyundai Solaris in 2016. Turn on vvdi key tool Insert the original key into the left coil Select Transponder Clone from main menu Click Read button VVDI key tool read transponder chip type Connect Key tool with PC with a USB cable Click Calculate butto...

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