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How to Repair BMW E46 AUC Sensor ZKE by Xprog 5.55

Not long ago I bought a device called XProg-M with software v5.55. The xprog 5.55 comes with a set of adapters for various blocks processors. (Note: Credit to Pifon077 &) I’ve tried it on a BMW. It’s an EWS 3 immo system with the mask of the 0D46J processor, and on the ZKE low block from the pre-style bmw e46. Adapter for the k-line Who in the subject, he easily calls one very known to many de...

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How to repair BMW FRM3 with Xprog Step by Step

There is a problem that many people have heard about (and many have also met with it). Your BMW completely refuses outdoor lighting (more precisely, the passing beam and dimensions with the ignition on, but we can not control it), front windows do not work, central locking, interior light either. When diagnosed, the FRM does not communicate. In the mean time, a lot of errors are associated with th...

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Xprog Read EEPROM 95640 and Repair BMW E90 Airbag

Here’s the methods of removing the crash from the airbag units. Crash is a record appearing in the airbag blocks after an accident that caused the firecrackers to fire.   (Note. The tutorial is just for education purpose. You are at your risk. Credit to Russian expert evg3n175)   It’s a BMW 3 series E90. The previous owner was in an accident, the current owner does not know the details. ...

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ECU BDM Connection Pinouts to Xprog-M Programmer

Here are a few pinouts of xprog-m box ecu programmer connection to BDM for different ECUs.   Thanks to carmaster, YadoGen , JGinkel and google for images and help! connect on BDM port of the ECU (MPC562M MCU) connect Xprog to siemens sid803a ecu BDM port ME9.1 bdm pinout to xprog Mercedes Delphi HW 50.5 xprog VAG siemens PDD 1.X xprog xprog Magnetti Marelli wiring diagram Marelli DSDI and DSD...

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Mercedes Benz W203 4J74Y ECU Pinouts to Xprog UPA

This is pinout of EZS 203 545 01 08, using ECU programmers Xprog or UPA USB programmer. Mercedes W203 mask 4j74y   I usually use rosfar pinouts transfer pindata to Xprog. UPA read only first mcu..for second need security bites 4J74Y W203 W203 1J35D R270 BDM programmer W203 1J35D (xJ74Y) EIS W203 1J35D pinout Xprog-M    Yes, you can have luck to read w204 eis with Xprog and erase the flash. Bu...

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Read Mercedes W210 EIS 68HC05 with Xprog M

Which tool can read Mercedes W210 EIS 65HC05? I have a vvdi prog and I’m looking for a Xprog-m?     Here you go. Users will tell you yes or no.   1 – Xhorse VVDI Prog can read Mercedes W210 EIS 68HC05? – Can’t! W210 eis 68hc05 inside. 2 piece Vvdi prog does not know about 68hc05 Only hc908 and hc912   it has been ignored due to the fact that many other early programmers can do,...

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