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Autor: Rosecotty

Read Toyota Hilux Immobilizer 89780-06130 with iProg+ Clone

Toyota Hilux not start, detected B2799 fault code (ECU immobilizer system error) using Launch X431 scanner. Read and repair ECU Immobilizer 89780-06130 data using iprog+ pro clone. Then erase fault codes. Now vehicle starts again. Picture attched below: 

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Orange 5 Read and Repair Sprinter start error

Mercedes Sprinter start error repair. Data correction on ecu eeprom 95p08 and wsp mcu 0j66d performed in 15 minutes, real satisfaction like a “morning quickie” pinout is shown on orange5 programmer help chip pinout section on immo category after reading put ecu and wsp files to sprinter start error software modify those and write back mod-files to respective units… job done.   &nb...

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Difference Between Xprog V6.12 and V5.84

Here will come the latest Xprog 6.12 full kit. Xprog programmer 6.12 features new authorizations and adapters and new inner board. That is what the difference lie in Xprog 5.84 and 6.12. Now, we’ll talk about the difference: Items in parcel PCB Authorization in detail.. Xprog 5.84 and 6.12 full kit source: source: link will be...

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How to synchronize Volvo ECU and CEM by Original Tango?

Purpose: This document here is aimed to show how to use original Tango key programmer to synchronize Volvo ECU and CEM Tango hardware: original Tango from scorpio-lk Tango software: version 1.95 or newer Function to test: synchronize ECU and CEM modules in VOLVO vehicles Preparation: in order to  use the software, you will need to load a dump file from both ECU and CEM modules in Tango software. i...

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Read and Write EEPROM 93C66 with Lonsdor K518ISE Kprog2

Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S key programmer connecting the Kprog2 is able to read and write an eeprom soic chip/mcu chip.  You can get data for backup or replacement. Lonsdor KPROG-2 Adapter Read & Write EEPROM Chip List 24 series   Support ATMEL & ST chip AT24C01  128 byte AT24C02  256 byte AT24C04  512 byte AT24C08  1K AT24C16  2K AT24C32  4K AT24C64  8K AT24C128 16K AT24C256 32K 93 series; Sup...

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Orange5, Xprog, UPA or VVDI Prog Read TM370 MCU

What is the best programmer to read TMS370 mcu, vvdi prog, Orange 5, Xprog or other programmers? Let’s check it out. Orange 5 1) Orange 5 Original  Orange 5 definitely no problem with TMS370 But it require TMS370 adapter and license for instrument TMS370/TMS374/TMS375. 2) OEM Orange 5 TMS370 adapter comes default in package and does not require license.   Orange5 clone works well.  Support EE...

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 Ktag help file and Wiring for Volvo Bosch EDC17

This is a Ktag help file used for Volvo Bosch EDC17 on GPT vehicles Warnings: your own risk! To use this protocol of communication you have to remove and open the ECU. It is a risky operation, to be done with great care and caution to avoid damaging the ECU beyond repair. After opening the ECU and before proceeding with reading and/or programming, you are strongly advised to reconnect the unit to ...

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