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Autor: Rosecotty

Orange5, Xprog, UPA or VVDI Prog Read TM370 MCU

What is the best programmer to read TMS370 mcu, vvdi prog, Orange 5, Xprog or other programmers? Let’s check it out. Orange 5 1) Orange 5 Original  Orange 5 definitely no problem with TMS370 But it require TMS370 adapter and license for instrument TMS370/TMS374/TMS375. 2) OEM Orange 5 TMS370 adapter comes default in package and does not require license.   Orange5 clone works well.  Support EE...

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 Ktag help file and Wiring for Volvo Bosch EDC17

This is a Ktag help file used for Volvo Bosch EDC17 on GPT vehicles Warnings: your own risk! To use this protocol of communication you have to remove and open the ECU. It is a risky operation, to be done with great care and caution to avoid damaging the ECU beyond repair. After opening the ECU and before proceeding with reading and/or programming, you are strongly advised to reconnect the unit to ...

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Galletto 1260 Download, Car List, FAQ and Reviews

Galletto 1260 user manual: Part 1:Galletto 1260 definition Part 2:Galletto 1260 download & install Part 3: Galletto 1260 how to use Part 4: Galletto 1260 questions & answers Part 5: Galletto 1260 user feedback Part 6: Galletto 1260 vehicle coverage in detail… Part 1: what is Galletto 1260 Galletto 1260 OBDII ECU Flashing sable/software allow you to connect your car to the computer and thro...

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How to Read PSA PIN Code & Recover BSI with FVDI?

Hi all, After going through the nightmare of using my FVDI to read a pin code from Johnsons BSI and then causing BSI to go into Boot mode I have come up with this solution for any users with similar issues. There is 2 ways of retrieving pin code from BSI: 1st is from OBD – this is the operation that is risky 60/40 chance of causing BSI to go into Boot Mode. 2nd is from direct read(BSI not opened u...

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Which INLINE data link works with Cummins insite 8.5?

Good to know: The latest Cummins insite 8.5 is released! Now , you have luck with Cummins insite new and old versions. incl insite 8.5, insite 8.3, insite 8.2 and insite 7.6 for inline 7, inline 6, inline 5 I. Cummins insite 8.5 (Latest version) This is Cummins insite 8.5 software + patch: Need activation for the authorization Conf...

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J-Link Wiring Connection and Programming Guide with Carprog

Now make the J-Link connection to Carprog programmer according to the scheme and with the least possible piece of wire that is important We open the program to go to options / project settings and put it all as the pictures now file / open data file and select our new firmware finally we select target / connect / program. Jlink interface pinout JTAG J-link to carprog       J-link co...

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How to Set up iProg+ Pro v76 Software on Win 7?

Here’s the run down step-by-step for newbies to install iProg+ Pro v76 driver software on Windows 7 32 bit. iProg V76 software download:  password: fm63a3 Software version: iprog+ v76 (version 2019) Operating system: Recommend Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit Iprog 76 installation instruction: (install iprog driver software, then run iprog app for use – no need step by ...

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