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Author: Rosecotty

Fgtech 0475 Driver Win7 Win8 Win10 Installation

People have succeeded to run Fgtech Galletto V54 firmware 0475 software on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.  For firmware 0475 only, didn’t test on firmware 0386.   Credit to all contributors:, 306 t16,  nusa1979   Install Fgtech 0475 on Windows 7 Install Fgtech 0475 on Windows 8 Install Fgtech 0475 on Windows 10         Fgtech 0475 Windows 7 Installa...

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CG-Pro 9S12 “No Found Key” Error Working Solution

Here’s the engineer solution to CG pro 9s12 programmer can not detect the key chip and shows error “No found key”. 1, First remove the cover with coil of the cg-pro, and place it as shown in the picture below. And then try to write key.   2. Write key follow cg pro prompts, if still not working, try to put the chip into these places marked red below 3. Avoid touching the coil position b...

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HexProg Software 1.0.24 Adds EDC16 and ME9 Ecus

Microtronik HexProg Software released to Version 1.0.24 (July 29th, 2020). 100+ Ecus added in this version, most of them are those have MPC5XX MCUs like EDC16X and ME9X/MEV9X. In this version we corrected some issues reported by Hextag users like some Ecus with ST10 result a “Timeout Error”, Continental SIMOS 18 unlock, Ford Continental SID209, … and we added more Tricore Ecus too. We added a new ...

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How to Fix iProg+ Pro when RFID UART Adapter Not Working?

Here’s the customer solution to v84 iprog+ pro clone programmer RFID and UART/BDM adapters not working, only eeprom adapter working problem. You are at your risk.     How to fix iprog pro?   Remove case of iprog Check GND PIN case   This pin give -12v output and it must be 5V   This pin give 11.5V output. Must be 12V output. Remove the upper power board of iprog Testing th...

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Download Autel XP400 Chip and Key Programmer Software

Question before starting: Autel XP400 software where or how can I download it? Solution: I. Download XP400 ATProgrammer Software Go to the Autel product website and log in on the current user login screen with the registered Autel ID Select [PC Suite]. Select [PC Programmer]. Select [Download]. After the download is successfully completed, open the installation package and fol...

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How to Activate Hextag Programmer ECU Cloning Function?

Hextag supports ECU Cloning/Tuning for a wide range of brands. HexTag ECU Cloning Function is free only for 90 days . ECU Cloning License cost is 1000USD for the first year,  annual subscription is 350USD/year. How to Activate ECU Cloning feature for Hextag programmer? Visit, go to Members tab Register and login with email and password Choose Hexprog License Info-> ECU ...

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Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ISN Read Write DME Type List

Here lists all available Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ISN DME Type List (keep updating…) * Yanhua ACDP main unit and DME ISN reading license is required. Some DME types need special interface board, check tablet list below: With / Without dissembling   DME or Chassis DME Type Read & Write ISN Code Without dissembling Read & Write N20 N13 N55 ISN Read & Write MSV80 MSV85 ISN Re...

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