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Autor: Rosecotty

Scripts to read Renesas RH850 MCU’s with iProg

I share scripts to read Renesas RH850 MCU’s with Iprog+ using Serial Nº1, connections diagram also included. password: Archive password=   w@wRoturbo_Renesas_RH850 Credits to @RoTor  Roturbo R7F7010023 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010024 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010033 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010034 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F...

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Orange5, Xprog, iprog EEPROM Reading Reviews

I have xprog 5.55 clone a couple of years and never let me down mate. newer versions have issues. also upa clone, old but still good, tl866 clone, and orange too with little knowledge and searching in forum (DK or MMH) you can rework most of them and never have problems They are pretty cheap so I suggest ,—-if you do it as a hobby—-,buy both xprog and upa with all their adapters. But surely origin...

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OEM Orange5 Plus V1.35 vs. Orange 5 v1.34

OEM Orange5 Plus clone with new software V1.35 is verified working.   V1.35 software adds more vehicle types comparing the older v1.34 version. Software version: V1.35 Language: English, Chinese, Russian Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8     What’s New of Orange5 Plus V1.35? orange5 v1.34 vs. v1.35 V1.34 supported chip type list V1.35 supported chip type list As you can ...

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XProg 5.84 Error Waiting Certificate Device Silent Solution

Bought xprog 5.84 box from China, installed on my windows 7 32bit according to the instruction video. When I am going to read eeprom the “Waiting Certificate” bar moving always. Possible reason: This means the certificate has been lost. Very important!!! xprog m 5.84 with usb dongle, no need activation, but Please be noted to click on the registry before opening the software each time to prevent l...

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How to Modify R270 Clone to Erase 160D0WT Chips?

Q: The R270 BDM programmer China Clone won’t let me erase 160D0WT chips.  Because the r270 looks like there are some components missing when i was comparing to some others online. Possible to rework it to erase 160D0WT? Here my r270 clone boards inside         I’ve tried the 1000uf 12v cap but failed to erase 160D0WT chip. Customer solution: *You are at your risk. You can use o...

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AT-200 Read and Write BMW B48 EEPROM Flash

CG AT-200 ecu programmer newly updated BMW F and G series B48 B58 ISN reading, EEPROM & FLASH data reading and writing on bench mode. Example: AT-200 read B48 G series ISN on bench Read ISN Select Brand BMW-> BMW-MG1CS002/MG1CS003_B48/B58_G in AT200 software Check wiring diagram to at200 Connect B48 DME ecu with AT-200 via tester cable     Identify DME information (click to enlarg...

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Renolink 1.87 Software Download and Installation

Latest version Renolink 1.87 Renault airbag/ecu/key obd software installation step-by-step. Software version: v1.87 Language: English and French Operating system: Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit Renault OBD2 Renolink V1.87 vs. V1.52 How to Install Renolink 1.87 software? Step 1: Install FTDI driver Copy and paste RenoLink 1.87 CD software to desktop Open Renolink 1.87 folder Extract renolink_setup87 to...

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