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Autor: Rosecotty

VAG ECU Immo off with SVCI Clone and Godiag GT100

FVDI 2020 (SVCI 2020) or FVDI 2018 full has VAG V21.0/V38.1 software activated with specifial functions.  Here we test it on VAG EDC16U31 ECU Immo off together with the Godiag GT100 breakout box.           Follow wiring diagram to connect SVCI, GT100 and ECU Keep voltage 12v+ Run SVCI software– VAG software- V21.0 Select Engine Control Unit         Iden...

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Iprog Clone Software Failed to Install on Win10 Solution

Problem: I have problem with working on iprog+ pro clone on Windows 10. I need wait a lot of seconds between toggle scripts (sometimes I need wait a minute to work with next script or wait for opening program – it looks like sometimes programmer is not found or system looks for it, but it is not disconnected in windows system). On Windows 7 it works correctly. Where is problem? I have turned off F...

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How to Unlock PCR 2.1 with Kess v2 v5.017 clone?

Problem:  I try more times with KESS v2 clone to unlock a pcr2.1 eeprom in bench, I get an error with KESS when I select READING EEPROM and after display “start communication”. The wires are OK and voltage is OK, KESS works fine.   These are the images of my connection:         Experience for sharing and how-to guide: Your connection looks ok…. this ecu need a big good one. an ...

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How to use Hextag to repair CAS corruption?

Sometimes BMW CAS3+ eeprom data is corrupted after bad reflash/downgrading and there is no communication with it and no ignition on car. Many devices will kill CAS3+ when downgrading via OBD, Xhorse VVDI2, Yanhua ACDP, IM608, AVDI even Autohex II without a sufficient power supply.     If done via obd, 14.2 always with maintainer. If data is corrupted, no need to make backup, even if some...

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How to Clone Volvo S60 RENESSA CEM?

Here are the tips on Volvo S60 CEM cloning.   For example: On a Volvo S60 2011 T6 with Changing CEM Chip is RENESSA: 32R R5F64524 You can read all dumps: P-FLASH, D-FLASH, EPROM  with Xhorse VVDI Prog or Autel XP400 Pro. VVDIProg and XP400 all failed to write and received error in erase.             Solution: IO Terminal or SMOK are good for this Job.   With...

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How to Modify China Aluminium BDM Frame?

I bought one of these Chinese aluminium BDM frame with 4 probes. $95 shipped. General quality it’s good, very massive. Middle deck is wobbling all over the place, apart that, the item is very well built. There to much play when you want to adjust. There is not linear bearing. I find a solution to rework it. The ones that needed bearings was the ones without that middle windup mech. Now the frame i...

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