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Autor: Rosecotty

What is the Best Tool to Read and Write PSA SID208 ECU?

Is available any cheap way to read/write PSA Peugeot Citroen SID 208 ecu? Can I read SID208 ECU with Kess, Ktag or pcm-flash clone?  Any update to this tool or other clone tool?     1.Kess V2/Ktag clone Kess genuine cannot make this. Only genuine ktag on pinout or with ktag obd cable on vehicle. Working with orig Ktag, use 14.4V and it takes max 3.7A when reading/writing. Some people did...

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Read 2003-2007 Toyota Sequoia EEPROM to Write Key with Xhorse Mini Prog

Used Xhorse Mini Prog, Key Tool Max and Toyota 4D (ID67, 68, 70) key to add 2 keys.   Car model and year: 2003-2007 Toyota Sequoia Chip: 4D -67 Key: TOY44D (DOT) ECU chip: 93LC66A (8 PIN DIP)   I purchased my Xhorse Mini Prog, it came with three adapters, you can also read and right from this type of weight, you just have to remove the chip from the circuit board, and with Mini Prog adap...

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Where to Find CG FC200 ECU Programmer Wiring Diagram?

CG FC200 ECU Programmer Wiring Diagram (364 items in total): Actually, after installing the software of CG FC200, the ecu wiring diagram will be automatically generated (under the installation directory of the Disk C: driver) CG FC200 V1.0.1.0 free download:     &...

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Ktag 7.020 Read VW Passat EDC17C74 ECU

I have successfully reading a VW Passat year 2016 Bosch EDC17C74 ECU using KTAG. I bought Ktag 7.020 SW V2.25 with Red PCB EU because I want to read an EDC17C74 ECU but it caused many headache. I cannot afford an original ktag, so got the clone instead. In the first step verify your cables. I have attached a drawing found on the net and you can check your GPT cable. In my case the Chinese GPT cabl...

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How to Restore a BOSCH EDC17 ECU After Goes wrong with KTM Bench?

Guide on how to restore a BOSCH EDC17 ECU after a boot mode flash goes wrong with KTM Bench programmer, I have full backup with password extracted with ktm bench but ecu f flasher tell me wrong password. Credit to: A.N. Idiot (A.K.A. PsiDOC)   This guide is something I have cobbled together after a brick situation occurred on a BMW EDC17CP45 ECU whilst in boot mode. Some bits may be in the wr...

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CGDI FC200 and CG AT-200 Comparison

CG FC200 ECU Programmer & ISN OBD Reader, the full version of CG AT200, comes with all Authorization from CG AT200 without paying extra money. FC200 ECU programmer can perform ECU/ EGS clones, can process data, can read and write ISN, can perform disassembly matching, VIN modification and DTC shielding, etc. CG FC200 ECU clone supported models: 4200 Kinds of ECU, 3 Types of operation modes, co...

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How to Install Kess V2 V2.80 for Firmware 5.017?

Kess V2 Ksuite 2.80 software can be installed on win7, win8 and win10, and it is multilingual. This article is on how to install Ksuite 2.80 on win10 64bit and then read ECU Volkswagen Passat CC Bosch MED17.5 OBDII.   Ksuite V2.80 free download: Source 1. Size: 1.7GB Password: No need   Source 2.

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