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Will VXDIAG and VNCI do Nissan Module Programming

VXDIAG VCX SE and VNCI RNM which is a better Nissan diagnostic scanner for module programming?     VXDIAG VCX SE for Nissan The device does support online programming with software subscription.   If VXDIAG fails to program modules online. C3+ Software version might be the problem. here shares a case study of one of our customers.   He bought a VXDIAG VCX SE device...

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Difference Between VAG MQB RH850 5A and 5C cluster

What is the difference between VAG MQB RH850 cluster 5A and 5C? What device will read these clusters?   5A vs 5C Cluster  How to tell 5A and 5C cluster? The best it is to scan the key, if you have one. If no keys present you can find out which is which by finding those little eeproms as on the picture. EM = 5A: PCJ = 5C Verify the chip on the board, if it marks EM, then it is 5A dashboard. It...

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How to Activate VAG Adaptive Cruise Control by VNCI 6154A

Purpose: Regular standard cruise turned out to be inconvenient when there are a lot of cars, the flow speed is constantly “swimming”, you need to reduce the speed often, and with each braking the cruise is turned off. No pleasure, a kind of constant gimmick “turn on the button – turn off with the brake pedal.” Some people may install the adaptive cruise.   Tools needed: -buttons for the steer...

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OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 vs Autel MaxiIM IM608

Autel MaxiIM IM608 and OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 which is better?   Here we show the comparison between two devices. But you have to understand no tool is perfect and when you are choosing your tool you got to understand the capabilities and also the limitations .         1. Motorcycles The G3 also does motorcycles and aquatic Vehicles as well.  The G3 comes with the motorcycles ...

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Launch X431 VAG BMW Benz Programming & Coding Function List

Here comes vehicle online programming car list of the Launch X431 V/PAD VII advanced diagnostic scanners [June 2024]. Online Programming Vehicle (passenger cars/new energy vehicles) List (till 2024) Mercedes Benz 2023 BMW 2024 BMW Brilliance 2024 Mini 2024 VW 2024 Shanghai VW 2023 FAW-Volkswagen 2023 Audi 2024 Land rover 2017 Jaguar 2017 Porsche 2023 Skoda 2023 Seat 2023 Sprinter 2023 Renault Part...

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CG100X MQB V850 RH850 JC Cluster List

Here are important information regarding CGDI CG100X VAG MQB NEC35XX mileage correction.   including: Support list D1 Adapter 5A and 5C cluster Precautions Black screen problem   NOTE: CG100X only repair/correct mileage for MQB, cannot do keys.   1.CG100X MQB Support List V850 dashboard VAG MQB V850 dashboard (for reference only) Need to confirm the dashboard version and chip type. ...

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How to Solve OBDSTAR DC706 Volvo CEM Asking for PIN Code

Problem: Trying to clone 2015 Volvo CEM DELPHI R5F64525 module with OBDSTAR DC706. It asks for a 12 digit pin code. Where or how can i find it? Is there an easy way to get the CEM pin?     Solution: Some Volvo CEMs require you to extract the password from the flash first. same as I.O terminal. Many Volvo’s CEM’s you need to have a password to be able to use DC706, IO Terminal and so on. ...

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