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Autor: Rosecotty

What is the Best 9S12 Programmer?

Hello everyone, I am looking for a good programmer for mcu 9s12 family that can also work with XEQ, and other masks.       Best 9S12 Programmer Reviews: Worked with everything (VVDI prog, r270, xprog, etc). I know it’s kind of luck, but among 100s of processor I have never killed a single one. With all the respect possible, develop your research and soldering skills. With right pino...

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Digimaster3 and VVDI Prog Which is Better to read BMW CAS3 eeprom / flash

Have BMW CAS3 immo eeprom flash to read, Xhorse VVDI Prog is the best, Yanhua Digimaster 3 (D3)  is okay too, but need more skills.   Part 1. Use Yanhua Digimaster 3 to read BMW CAS3 eeprom / flash Tips: 1). Do not extend the black and white feeder, cut it short and connect it directly 2). In addition to the feeder line and GND, all other lines must have a voltage output between 4V and 5V. &n...

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Mercedes W639 EIS Mileage Correction by Autel IM608 XP400

As titled, the question is frequently asked by IM608 newbies and lots of them will say no.     The conclusion is Yes, Autel MaxiIM IM608 will do mileage correction. All it takes to change mileage is to read eeprom or mcu and then edit the file. Most of the Odometer software you see is just a mileage calculator, you tell the program what mileage you want and it tells you what line and wha...

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VVDI Prog and Audi J518 Emulator Read Write Mask 1L59W

I bought a emulator for my Audi Q7 and the auto elec seems to think it won’t work with the chip set it has in original unit. My unit has 1L59W. This is the unit I bought AUDI C6 Q7 A6 Steering Column Module J518 ELV Emulator       1st Question: Can the data from my Mask set be converted to write onto this unit? And what do I need to write it? I have no real electronics at this point...

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KTM Flash OBD Bench Clone 3-in-1 ECU List

As the name suggested, it is an ECU programmer which combines KTMFLASH, KTMBENCH and KTMOBD. It covers many car models and ECU types. Moreover, its price does not exceed US$300, which is definitely the first choice for ECU tuners.   Look at the full package:       Then the KTM 3-in-1 software display including application version: 1.2.0, USB dongle serial number and active lice...

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Read BMW EDC16c35 ISN by CGDI or VVDI2

How to read ISN of EDC16c35 (for example in encrypted CAS3 + when all keys are lost)? An increasing number of locksmiths verified CGDI Yes, Autohex Yes, VVDI No.       Autohex: Yes, but not on bench Tried ISN extraction via ON-BENCH, didn’t work Finally succeeded with the following steps: -> copy content of 96540 eeprom of original-ECU to donor-ecu -> coded the donor-ecu to th...

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How to use AT-200 to Clone BMW MSV80?

I’d like to share my experience with the AT-200 ECU Programmer and MSV80 unlock upgrade.  I had three codes on a customers’ vehicle that came in 2011 BMW 328Cic: 2E7C BSD (Bit-Serial Data Interface) data bus communications fault 2F71 Digital Motor Electronics (DME): electronics box fan, activation 2B3D Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DMTL), system fault   While it’s possible all these present...

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