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Autor: Emily

VVDI Mini Key Tool and Key Tool User Feedback

The author collected four users’ experience using Mini Key tool and Key tool, and share with you the unknown differences between the two products. The old VVDI Key Tool is a canceled product already. VVDI MINI Key tool or VVDI key tool? Depend on what you want to do VVDI MINI Key tool has one free copy per day on ID48 96bit but doesn’t have remote unlock functions. For chip copy and chip generatio...

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How to Add Range Rover 2015+ Key with VVDI Prog and VVDI2

How-to: add a new key to Land Rover Range Rover 2015 up using Xhorse VVDI Prog and VVDI2 key programmer.   It is also work with all key lost by the same way. Main steps: Read KVM  RFA data Write Key Rewrite data Step 1: Read KVM Data Remove the KVM module Locate IC Chip RFA MC95S12XET265 In VVDI Prog software, select Land Rover->RFA Unsecured (MC95S12XET265) Check connection diagram Connect KVM...

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VVDI MB Renew SIM4LE ECU Wiring Diagram

Used VVDI MB V5.0.3 for renew ECU successfully before, but today get error “connecting to unit…failed”. What’s the matter? Xhorse Engineer solution: Please take a picture of VVDI MB software error; and a picture of the engine number. Here you can see the error images: After seeing the above images, engineer share the correct wiring diagram to follow: Let us look forward to the good news of this us...

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How to avoid VVDI2 CAS3++ Istap Downgrade failure?

Question: What is the best way of preventing the risk of CAS3++ Istap failure when programming key via OBD only? Using xhorse vvdi2 only. Suggestion from whom have done many VVDI2 CAS3++: 1) Continuous 13 volts with a voltage stabilizer. 2) Voltage  it’s one thing you need to consider. 3) Voltage… I done lots off them no problems 4) The voltage drop can be the reason it fails. 5) Voltage is the bi...

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VVDI Prog BMW CAS4 No Remove Component Pinouts

Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.8.8 adds BMW CAS4 1L15Y 5M48H read/write without removing components. + Add CAS4-1L15Y-CERAMICS, CAS4-1L15Y-METAL-NO-NEED-REMOVE-COMPONENTS PICTURE in<4-IMMOBILIZER>-><BMW>-><CAS4-1L15Y> + Add CAS4-5M48H-CERAMICS, CAS4-5M48H-METAL-NO-NEED-REMOVE-COMPONENTS PICTURE in<4-IMMOBILIZER>-><BMW>-><CAS4-5M48H-R/W/UNLOCK> + Add CAS4-5M48H-...

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How to Solve VVDI2 Can’t Find Error by Firmware Update

Have Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Basic Function, installed V6.6.6 software, when update the software, get error ” vvdi2 can’t find”. solution: Please update the firmware of VVDI2 in the UpgradeKit. UpgradeKit software free download here:!BYhnmQ4A!K5LEu2ZjhBDMDOOkYMPCJjs-PuArEOAc5nKhUe57ERo Size: 30.7 MB Download the above mega link and unzip it. Double click on “Upgrade k...

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Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer Software Update to V4.8.8. v4.8.8              (2019-11-12) * This version DON’t need update firmware * Fix ME17.5.22(ADAPTER) READ BUGs + Add VVDI PROG USER MANUAL 4.8.8 version in Doc folder + Add STM32F407VG, STM32F407ZG options in <2-MCU>-><ST-STM32> + Add CAS4-1L15Y-CERAMICS-NO-NEED- REMOVE-COMPONENTS, CAS4-1L15Y-METAL-NO-NEED-REMOVE- COMPONENTS PICT...

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