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VVDI Prog Read Sprinter W906 EIS by EZS Adapter or Soldering

Problem: Used Xhorse VVDI PROG and Sprinter(ST12) Benz EIS /EZS adapter to read chip data for sprinter 2006 W906 model, got error ” chip not found”. Last time I red 2013 Sprinter fbs3, it failed neither. I’ve tried Vito model perfect and W211 perfect.    engineer solution: If you have qualified welding skill, please try to weld instead of using t...

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VVDI Key Tool Cannot Generate 4D64 Chip Solution

Can i generate Dodge 4D64 using vvdi super chip? I have checked the super chip available list that 4D is supported. But I failed to generate 4D64 chip using the old VVDI Key Tool. Check error images below:         VVDISHOP solution: You should update your VVDI Key Tool firmware to latest V3.3.1 using Xhorse Upgrade Kit. Your version 3.2.9 has some bugs. Update your firmware and...

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Xhorse VVDI BMW ECU CAS DDE Module Change Type List

These are frequently asked questions about Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool. 1. Can i change/replace ECU or CAS module in vehicle with vvdi bmw? 2. Can i replace the DDE or DME module using the new BMW tool? 3. VVDI BMW cannot change CAS2 ISN and VIN with EEPROM dump? 4. Possible to replace FEM/BDC module with vvdi bmw? solution: VVDI BMW can change/replace ECU/CAS/DDE/DME module in vehicle. But ...

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VVDI MB Renew Mercedes SIM271 ECUs no Soldering

With one extra renew cable, Xhorse VVDI MB tool is able to renew Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 or SIM271K22.0 ECU on Bench. Which will easy the job and save time. Renew  SIMDE2.0 ECU: This is Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 renew cable: And this is how it connect with vvdi mb tool: It is simple to use Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 renew cable and vvdi mb t...

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VVDI MB ECU Renew Wiring and Connection

Need one best and cheap MB ECU renew tool mainly for sim271de/ke20, Sim4se, me9.7, Cr3.xx , cr4 etc, Xhorse VVDI MB tool is the top choice for many renewal work. I am sure u will be happy. For token point, yes it has a token system but there is an unlimited token option too. It can do many brands, make keys, renew keys and many more options. In details: vvdi mb tool renew Sim4se ECU vvdi mb tool r...

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Xhorse App adds VVDI Mini Key Tool OEM 46 Chip Copy

Xhorse APP released to new version V1.7. V1.7.5 New Feature – New AKL (all keys lost) support: VVDI Key Tool supports BYD all keys lost – New chip support: VVDI Mini Key Tool supports OEM 46 chip copy – New language: Turkish (Local dealer)  

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Will Xhorse Condor Cut smart fortwo 3 button key?

Have Smart fortwo 2003 with the button remote key. how do we cut this one? I have Condor XC mini and Condor Dolphin if that helps. Smart 450 uses YM23. Condor can make these 100%. Also hu100r works fine. Never by code. If you measure up the cuts, you could select a similar keytype. Or possible cut a depth of 1 on two positions. The update tool allows you to create your own custom key files I assum...

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