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How to read Audi EZS Kessy EEPROM J518 by VVDI2

Here is the instruction showing the capabilities of the Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer: Reading EEPROM with EZS Audi A6 / Q7 How to read eeprom from EZS AUDI by OBD with VVDI2: Select Key Learn->4th immobilizer system- Audi-> A6L/Q7/Allroad A6L/Q7/Allroad EZS-Kessy (J518) 4th immobilizer system Select Auodetect from engine (ECU) reading data, please wait Reading data success Read and save E...

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Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.5.9 Update Polish Language and Many ECUS

Xhorse VVDI PROG ECU, MCU eeprom programmer software released to V4.5.9 on 28th, June 2017. 4.5.9 VVDI programmer adds Polish language and many ECUs. ————————————- v4.5.9 VVDIProg Update Feature (2017-06-28) * This version DON’t need update firmware * Fix some bugs + Add VVDI-PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.9 version in Doc folder * Update polish language + Update V850 D-Flash format conversion tool * Fix ST...

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Free Download and update Condor XC-Mini Software to V4.0.1

Latest Xhorse ikeycutter Condor XC-mini key cutting machine software goes to V4.0.1.   How to Update Condor XC-Mini Key cutting machine online? 1. Connect iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master to the PC with a USB cable. Turn on the iKeycutter Mini Condor Master, check old software  version Free Download Condor Mini V4.0.1 Update tool for both S/N KM03 and KM02 here (check new update info. as well...

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(Solved) VVDI Key Tool unknow Software Hardware version

Problem: hello good day, can you help me please? I have updated my Xhorse VVDI key tool remote generator, but then nothing display in the screen, shows SN, SW, HW (serial number, hardware, software) unknown error, device can not use, how to solve? Warning: Do not try to update your vvdi key tool!!!     How to solve the error? If you already updated vvdi remote maker by mistake, please wa...

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Condor XC-Mini V4.0.1 Software Update Feature 2016-06-16 has provided Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine V4.0.1 update tool download for S/N KM03 in May,2017.  Now new update tool 4.0.1 for both SN KM02 and KM03 is released on 16-06-2017.   Condor Mini V4.0.1 Update Feature (2017.06.16): —————————————— +Add universal key decode function +Add M2-D function +Add motor sensor testing function *Modify probe/cutter detection *Fix machine ma...

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How to Unlock Remote Key with VVDI key Tool

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote generator Unlock remote key in test Features: Remote Generation: convert universal blank remotes into remotes that you can program into your customer’s vehicles. Add the blade and chip to complete, then program into the vehicle the same way you would the OEM remote. REDUCE YOUR INVENTORY! Remote Testing: confirms your remote is working and identifies type and frequency....

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