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CGDI FC200 and CG AT-200 Comparison

CG FC200 ECU Programmer & ISN OBD Reader, the full version of CG AT200, comes with all Authorization from CG AT200 without paying extra money. FC200 ECU programmer can perform ECU/ EGS clones, can process data, can read and write ISN, can perform disassembly matching, VIN modification and DTC shielding, etc. CG FC200 ECU clone supported models: 4200 Kinds of ECU, 3 Types of operation modes, co...

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AT200, Hextag or Yanhua to Clone BMW MG1 ECU?

What is the best tool to clone BMW ECU MG1 and MD1 and How to do? provides top solutions on this.     1. CG AT200 At200 needs a special cable to read those ECU on bench.  at200 bench read flash and eeprom works great with the adapter. Connection is easy no soldering. AT-200 software will show the detail operation guide. The special cable can read/write ISN from MG1CS003, MG1...

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How to Read BMW F22 ECU Mevd17.2 with AT-200?

CG AT-200 is able to read BMW ECU Mevd17.2 on Bench in 3 minutes. Please read this article for the procedure.   F22 with N20 engine, took 2 minutes to remove from the car.     Connect to one CG AT-200.       Look at the wire connected with CG AT-200 and N20 engine box.       Connect to one adjustable power supply which can ensure stable voltage.   ...

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AT-200 Read and Write BMW B48 EEPROM Flash

CG AT-200 ecu programmer newly updated BMW F and G series B48 B58 ISN reading, EEPROM & FLASH data reading and writing on bench mode. Example: AT-200 read B48 G series ISN on bench Read ISN Select Brand BMW-> BMW-MG1CS002/MG1CS003_B48/B58_G in AT200 software Check wiring diagram to at200 Connect B48 DME ecu with AT-200 via tester cable     Identify DME information (click to enlarg...

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AT-200 Read BMW MSD85 MSD87 MSV90 ISN code

AT200 programmer is confirmed to work good with BMW MSD85 MSD87 MSV90 – able to read isn without any issue! Purpose: To check if the AT200 programmer is working or not source: Function for the test: Read ISN BMW DMEs for the test: MSD85 MSD87 MSV90 Steps: Step 1: install and run AT-200 programming software Step 2: connect the AT-200 w...

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