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Autel IM608

How to use Hextag to repair CAS corruption?

Sometimes BMW CAS3+ eeprom data is corrupted after bad reflash/downgrading and there is no communication with it and no ignition on car. Many devices will kill CAS3+ when downgrading via OBD, Xhorse VVDI2, Yanhua ACDP, IM608, AVDI even Autohex II without a sufficient power supply.     If done via obd, 14.2 always with maintainer. If data is corrupted, no need to make backup, even if some...

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Will Autel IM608 Clone Kia Stinger 2019 ECU SIM2K260?

Question: Kia stinger 2019 v6 engine ECU over heat and not detectable. the question can Autel im608 reprogram new ECM (SIM2K260) if not how can i do?             Solution: No, it cannot do programming. You will need a laptop, j-box and subscribe OEM software. Log in for OEM software with labtop         You can code it with th...

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Mercedes W639 EIS Mileage Correction by Autel IM608 XP400

As titled, the question is frequently asked by IM608 newbies and lots of them will say no.     The conclusion is Yes, Autel MaxiIM IM608 will do mileage correction. All it takes to change mileage is to read eeprom or mcu and then edit the file. Most of the Odometer software you see is just a mileage calculator, you tell the program what mileage you want and it tells you what line and wha...

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How to Read Write BMW EWS3 with Autel XP400 Pro?

Although BMW EWS is a very easy job can be done by cheap AK90 at $30,  it is just nice to know Autel MaxiIM can do EWS3 if happens to have it in hand.   Which Autel can do? Autel IM608/IM608Pro + XP400 Pro *XP400 cannot read/write EWS3. Require XP400Pro. What adapter to use? Ews3 adapter (APB114 EWS3 adapter board) the tool tells you what to connect the wire to APB114 EWS3 adapter is included...

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How to Read EEPROM FEM M95128 by Autel IM608?

Test report: Autel MaxiIM IM608 is confirmed to read out EEPROM M95128 from the BMW FEM system. Connection: All connection should be good before data reading Menu: In Autel IM608 software, pls go to IMMOBILIZER then accept agreement Select BMW – SYSTEM SELECTION – IMMOBILIZER – FEM/BDC IMMOBILIZER       Then select EEPROM operation – Diagram   Diagram in Autel Im608: FEM M95128...

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How to Read ST95040 Eeprom with Autel XP400 and IM600?

Back in October I received my free upgrade for my Autel IM600 *XP400* to replace the *UP400* Link to XP400: I made a post that shows the New and improved XP400 reading a ST95040 Eeprom “In-circuit” with success, HOWEVER I wanted to show another video of the XP400 messing up a Eeprom *95080*. I was able to re-write the d...

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