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Bosch ECU adapter

How to Read BMW ISN with Xhorse Mini Prog and Multi Function Adapter?

Just done a test using the xhorse multifunction adapter with xhorse mini prog and it works fine. I read BMW ECU, first using vvdi prog.       Then I read using mini prog and adapter. in Mini Prog app, select BMW EDC17C50_Fxx. It shows wiring diagram with XDNP30 BOSH ECU Adapter. I don’t have this adapter, i have the old Bosch ecu adapter for vvdi prog. The multi-function adapter can...

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Xhorse VVDI Prog Read BMW B48 B58 ISN Code

Confirmed! BMW B48 B58 is working with the xhorse vvdi prog new Bosch ECU adapter upgrade.   VVDI Prog B48 B58 wiring diagram       VVDIProg read BMW 2019 B48 ISN: OK Connect B48 DME with vvdi pro via Bosch ECU adapter follow the wiring diagram       In VVDI-Prog software, select 10-Bosch ECU adapter->BMW->B48 (Adapter)           Re...

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VVDI Prog Read N20 N13 ISN with DME OBD Cloning Cable

How-to: Read ISN From ECU BMW N20/ N13 with Xhorse VVDI Prog and MOE Cable without soldering. The MOE BMW DME OBD ISN Cloning Cable comes with multiple adapters B38 – N13 – N20 – N52 – N55 – MSV90 To use with the VVDIPROG programmer For example: Read N20 ISN code from ECU Connect N20 N13 adapter with Bosch ECU adapter Connect Bosch ECU adapter with vvdi-prog In VVDI prog software, select Type Bosc...

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Read BMW EDC17C50 ISN with VVDI Prog and Bosch ECU Adapter

How-to: Read BMW EDC17C50 ECU ISN with Xhorse VVDI Prog and Bosch ECU adapter on bench. Read out BMW ISN code without opening ECU. ISN is need for all keys lost or ecu readaption to used car. Require to use Bosch ECU adapter to read on bench. Connect vvdiprog with Bosch ECU adapter follow the wiring diagram (check wiring in vvdi-prog)     Feed up with 14v power supply Open vvdi prog soft...

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