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How to use Carprog and A10 Adapter to Read MB91F06X Dash

Here are pinouts and guides of read instrument cluster MB91F06X (MB91F060, MB91F060BS, MB91F061, MB91F061BS, MB91F062, MB91F062BS, MB91F067, MB91F067BS). Done with Carprog and A10 adapter. FYI, what is instrument cluster in a car? In an automobile, an electronic instrument cluster, digital instrument panel or digital dash for short, is a set of instrumentation, including the speedometer, that is d...

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Carprog 9.31 Read and Write Citroen Berlingo eeprom 95160

Errors and solutions here for eeprom 95160 read/write with Carprog 9.31 programmer: Error 1: “ID not found” when read eeprom 95160 Error 2: “Verify error” when read eeprom 95160 Error 3: “Verify OK” when read eeprom; “Verify error” when write it Case: Carprog reads/writes eeprom 95160 from bsi citroen berlingo 2004 In detail… Error 1: “ID not found” when read eeprom 95160 I connect usb cable with ...

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How to make Carprog Clone work on Volvo S60 Dashboard

Carprog programmer clone can be connected to Volvo dashboard (here S60) with an A1 adapter. And obviously you must repair A1 and/or main unit if you don’t have a genuine or HQ clone kit. Volvo S60 dashboard test: Carprog clone on Volvo S60: works good! A1 adapter fix: Check A1. You may need to improve the work can. In detail…

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How to install Carprog 10.93 Software Step by Step

2018 latest Carprog 10.93 software is verified working with caprog full China clone ecu programmers.  Check step-by-step installation guide below: CarProg 10.93 software Free download on Mega:!KldXxZyD!1d2qby2kXoR21Nlowt32Pq-2nQgkTFl_xi1mEcEC56s CarProg v10.93 operating system: Windows XP   CarProg 10.93 activation: No need activation! CarProg programmers confirmed: CarProg 10.05...

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How to read VAG EDC16 with CarProg and A1+ adapter

How to: read 95320 eeprom from Vw Touran EDC16u34   Device: Carprog full Adapter: carprog A1+ adapter   FAQs: How to use CarProg with EDC16 VAG Q: Does CARPROG need external power supply ?? A: Carprog does not need external power supply for that eeprom.   Q: Can I read the memory in circuit or have to desolder ?? To read eeprom, always better to desolder.   Q: Does ECU need 12v...

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Carprog Audi A6 Navigation PLUS Radio Decoding

Audi A6 Radio cassette recorder for decoding guide with carprog. Audi A6 Navigation PLUS Disclaimer: Credit to nikzubik. You are at your risk. Connect the radio to the power supply 12 volts (connection scheme is on the top cover). We check the performance of the radio and see that it is actually encoded. We remove the bottom cover and see To unlock the radio, airbag, adjust the mileage I use the p...

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