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Carriage Bolt Manufacturer

Yihui Carriage Bolt Manufacturer Is Guaranteed

First of all, from the development and production of hexagon bolts to the tolerability test, each step needs to be strictly controlled. At the same time, the tolerance test is also known as “strict”. Take the tolerability test as an example, the products should be thoroughly tested in high temperature, high heat and high humidity environment. Only the instruments that pass the test at ...

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Yihui Carriage Bolt Manufacturer Create Rich Profits

316 material is resistant to chemical corrosion, pitting resistance and seawater corrosion resistance compared to 304M and 304HC. The main chemical composition has a certain relationship with the performance of stainless steel. Requirements for the mechanical properties of the body bolt material, especially the strength; Requirements for the corrosion resistance of materials under working conditio...

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The Actual Application Of Carriage Bolt Manufacturer

The body bolts are indispensable everywhere in life, the street lights erected on the road, the beautiful billboards at night, the flagpoles standing on the majesty, and the fixing of the body bolts at the bus stop signs. The role of the body bolts must not be despised. How is the body bolt so fierce? Let’s talk about the machining process of the body bolts. The body bolts are machined to th...

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Carriage Bolt Manufacturer Product Production Notice

The body bolts have the following three different ways to stop the heat treatment: three steels, quenched and tempered steel, spring steel, and carburized steel. The temperatures at which these steels are quenched during heat treatment are different. Then we also know that the selection of low carbon, that is, the alloy steel after quenching to stop the tempering below the low temperature of 250 d...

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The Quality Problem Of The Carriage Bolt Manufacturer

At present, China is already the world’s largest bolt producer, but it has been facing claims for quality problems. The case of quality problems caused by the quality of steel products is a big part of China. Bolted steel still needs to be expanded under the premise of meeting strict quality standards. At present, China is already the world’s largest bolt producer, but it has been faci...

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Carriage Bolt Manufacturer Introduce Products

What is the scope of use of body bolts now? What is the name of the body bolt? What is the way to body bolts? Let’s analyze and analyze together. Body bolts alias carriage bolts, semi-circular head square neck bolts! This bolt was produced and used earliest 20 years ago! The original purpose is used for the combination of iron and wood on the carriage, so it is also called the body bolt. Bec...

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