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CG FC200


CG FC200 ecu programmer supports DTC OFF function without 3rd party tuners.  Here is an example of BMW MSV90 DTC OFF using FC200.   Model: 2011 BMW 730Li ECU/DME: Continental MSV90   Run CG FC200 software, check DTC OFF car list check if the ECU is supported. MSV90 is included. Check also: FC200 DTC OFF ECU List       Select BMW Continental MSV90 TC1796, Platform mode (ben...

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How to use the CG FC200 ecu programmer to read and write EDC17CP44 ECU. It’s from an Audi car. This ECU has some internal damage on the unit but it’s working to be able to read and write. Here we will read and write this ecu with fc200 on bench mode (when the software subscription expired). See what worked and failed.   Select ECU and check wiring diagram Connect ECU with FC200 follow the wir...

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How to Read Chevrolet ME7.9.9 with CG FC200?

This is a Chevrolet S10 2.4 Control unit module ME7.9.9. We can read it with CG FC200 in boot mode.       In FC200 software, Quick search ECU ME7.9.9 (Bosch ME7.9.9 ST10F275)       check wiring diagram   in the boot we use two wires with a tip as if it has see normal adapter respecting things           Don’t forget to connect almost 14v p...

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CG FC200 Adds BMW E Series ZF 8HP Gearbox

CG FC100 ecu programmer released new software update on V1.1.5.0. Software Version: [] Time: 2023-08-10 Content: 1. New ECU Added BOSCH ECU EDC16U31, EDC16C1, EDC16C10, EDC16C31, EDC16C32, EDC16C34, EDC16C35, EDC16C36, EDC16C37,EDC16C39, EDC16C41, EDC16C9, EDC16CP33, EDC16CP34, EDC16CP36, EDC16CP39, EDC16U34,EDC16UC40, ME9.1.1, ME9.6.1 ,DCU17HD01, DCU17PC42, DCU17PC43, DCU17CV51, DCU17PC_DN...

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Launch X431 ECU Programmer and CG FC200 Comparison

What’s the difference between Launch X431 ECU programmer and the CG FC200?   Check the table comparison below: Item Launch X431 ECU Programmer CG FC200 Software language English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Traditional Chinese English ONLY  (French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish authorization) Offline/Online version Online version Online version Ope...

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CG FC200 Unlock Simos PCR 2.1

CG FC200 adds VAG Continental Simos PCR2.1 TC17 engine ECU read and write very fast.   Here is the PCR2.1 TC1796 pinout to CG FC200.       Update Log: V1.1.3.0 adds Continental TC17 platform mode PCR 2.1. -adds Continental TC17 BOOT mode engines: SDI6, SDI7, Simos8.1x, Simos8.3x, Simos8.5x, SID208, PCR2.1 -Fix some PCR2.1 write PFlash failure issues.   &nbs...

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