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How to Activate CG100 Prog III Software?

How to Activate CG100 Prog III airbag reset tool software? 1. Download and install the newest cg100 software here. 2. Connect the CG100 airbag reset tool and run software, software will show you that your tool need to activate it, click ok. 3. If you have an account already from CGMB & CGDI & CGPRO, you can log in directly. If not have an account then register an account. Click ok and choo...

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What Tool to Change Mazda 2020 S6J329 Odometer?

Mazda3 and Mazda CX30 from year 2020 have S6J329CPLS Spansion mcu on Speedo. They are equipped with VISTEON cluster and have no EEPROM.     Mazda 3 2020 cluster Picture from the other side of PCB. BTW, the needles does not have to be removed in this cluster to reach both sides of the PCB. It has S6J329 Spansion mcu. It is different from the S6J3001 that DENSO uses in Toyota’s clusters(RA...

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CG100 vs CG100X vs CG70 Which to Choose?

What is the difference among CGDI CG100, new CG100X and CG70? Check table comparison below: CG100 vs CG100X vs CG70 CG100 Device CG100X Device CG70 Device                             Hardware   The connection software does not require a 12V power supply, The use process is needed   The connection software requires a 12...

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CG100 Pinout to Honda Civic S6J336A MCU

What programmer can read and write 2022 Honda Civic S6J336A MCU? SMOK JTAG is only for Accord, with S6J3000. Stool and Mtool cannot read it either.     CG100 Prog III has this option. Menu path: Odometer->Asian car->Honda->Civic->2021- S6J336AHTB CG100 will only read and write this mcu. You have to contact CG100 technical support to modify data then write modified data back t...

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CG FC200 vs CG100 vs CGPro 9s12

CG100 vs CGpro 9s12 vs CG FC-200 Which one to choose?   Here’s the clue. First of all, check a table comparison below Item CG100 CG Pro 9S12 CG FC200 Image Product Positioning Airbag Reset & Mileage reset Tool EEPROM Programmer & Key Programmer ECU/TCU Programmer Function Airbag reset,  Mileage correction, Engine/BCM Computer Repair, Write key BMW CAS1-CAS4 and some Land Rover mo...

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Read and Write EEPROM 93C66 with CG100 Prog III

CG100 Prog III will not only reset airbag/odometer but also read ECU/MCU/EEPROM. Here's the guide to read and write EEPROM 93C66 by CG100. Remove 93c66 IC chip     Solder it to CG100 EEPROM adapter   Connect EEPROM adapter with CG100 Prog III, then connect CG100 pro with laptop via USB cable Open CG100 software, select Programmer function Select chip type: 93C66 Press Read Read chip...

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CG100 automatic repair Honda Airbag 77960-T9A-F411-M2

How-to:  repair Honda airbag using CG100 Prog III airbag reset tool. Model: Honda No.: 77960-T9A-F411-M2 Chip: R5F2154 Procedure: Power off vehicle Remove and disassemble the airbag computer, check srs type and chip In CG100 software, select Airbag function->Honda->77960-T9A-F411-M2 Check the wiring diagram, power on CG100 prog, connect CG-100 and airbag module following the wiring connectio...

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