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Difference Between VAG MQB RH850 5A and 5C cluster

What is the difference between VAG MQB RH850 cluster 5A and 5C? What device will read these clusters?   5A vs 5C Cluster  How to tell 5A and 5C cluster? The best it is to scan the key, if you have one. If no keys present you can find out which is which by finding those little eeproms as on the picture. EM = 5A: PCJ = 5C Verify the chip on the board, if it marks EM, then it is 5A dashboard. It...

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CG100X MQB V850 RH850 JC Cluster List

Here are important information regarding CGDI CG100X VAG MQB NEC35XX mileage correction.   including: Support list D1 Adapter 5A and 5C cluster Precautions Black screen problem   NOTE: CG100X only repair/correct mileage for MQB, cannot do keys.   1.CG100X MQB Support List V850 dashboard VAG MQB V850 dashboard (for reference only) Need to confirm the dashboard version and chip type. ...

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How to use CG100X to Change VAG MQB R7F701407 Mileage?

Tutorial: how to correct VAG MQB RH850 R7F701407 (5A Cluster) odometer using CGDI CG100X programmer.   It’s a VW Tiguan L 2019. 5C cluster. Cluster number: 5NG 920 650C.     First of all, record original mileage. CG100X will show you a wiring diagram (12V (ON) instrument startup diagram) to activate (power on) instrument cluster.   Take a photo of the instrument and the origina...

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How to Change GWM TANK 300 R7F701583 Mileage by CG100X

Most modern vehicles now use large LCD screen. It looks more beautiful, concise, and cool. But it is not easy to disassemble the cluster when calibrating the mileage of the instrument. The instrument has an LCD display that is easily damaged and has a high risk of damage. But now most LCD instrument models are used as display screens, which do not contain storage chips, the CPU processors are stor...

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CG100X Update VAG MQB R7F7014xx Mileage Correction

CGDI CG100X programmer released new software update on March 8th, 2024. The new upgrade adds odometer correction for VAG MQB RH850 R7F7014xx instrument clusters.   CG100X  V1.4.1.0 2024/03/08 1. VW MQB added R7F7014xx mileage repair. 2. Added 5 chips to Programer. 3. Added 28 models to dashboard. 4. Added 2 models to read-write. The following chips are added for Programer. W25Q80 W25Q16 W25Q3...

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CG100X Adds Toyota Highlander 2022- S6J3001 Odometer

CGDI CG100X programmer software update to V1.3.4.0 (2023.11.07) 1.Added 20 models for instrument mileage adjustment; 2.Added 12 models for airbag computer repair; 3.Added 7 models for data read and write function.   The following models are added for dashboard. DS DS7 2018- 95160(Dashboard)+95128(BCM) Honda ENVIX 2021- 93C86 Honda Motor forsa 350 2021- 93C76 Honda Motor NS110L 24C04 P...

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How to Correct Toyota Camry R7F701406 Mileage by CG100X?

CGDI CG100X programmer is good for newer Toyota with R7F and S6J cluster odometer correction. We explained how to change km on S6J cluster previously.   Today we will show how to correct mileage for Toyota Camry MY2018- with an R7F701406 processor.   Model example: Toyota Camry 2019   Tools used: CG CG100X Programmer 35X- CAN Adapter     Purpose: The original cluster is da...

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