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How to Repair Toyota Encrypted Denso Airbag with CG70?

Tutorial: How to repair Toyota R7F7 series encrypted airbag modules by CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool.   CG70 will repair these airbags without disassembly, no need to open cover, no need to solder, no need to purchase any special adapter.  It connects the pins of the airbag computer through the CAN protocol, you can diagnose the information of the airbag computer, clear the fault code, and repa...

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Honda Airbag Renesas R32C R5F64219 SRS Reset Tools

What to read, write and reset the Honda Renesas R32C R5F64219 airbag module? Where can i find the connection diagram?   Airbag part number: 77960-TK8-D010-M1 MCU: Renesas R32C R5F64219 Orange5: Yes Orange5 will reset srs for R32C group on Honda SRS, Volvo CEM2, Mercedes-Benz & more others.  You need to have script for r32c.     Xhorse VVDI Prog: software V4.7.1 adds Renesas R32C...

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CG100 vs CG100X vs CG70 Which to Choose?

What is the difference among CGDI CG100, new CG100X and CG70? Check table comparison below: CG100 vs CG100X vs CG70 CG100 Device CG100X Device CG70 Device                             Hardware   The connection software does not require a 12V power supply, The use process is needed   The connection software requires a 12...

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