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Condor II

How to Solve Xhorse Condor II Error Code 42?

 Problem: I got error code 42 when decoding HU83 key blank with xhorse condor ii key cutting machine. I have cleaned several times Also made calibration again Still same. Any advice?       Solution: As the condor ii said, probe and cutter are not at same height. Clean the probe/cutter or do a height level adjustment.   How to do height level adjustment? •Click Device Info at th...

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Xhorse Condor II Breaks Cutter Screen Dark Solution

Problem: One customer gave feedback that Xhorse Condor XC MINI Plus II screen turned dark during operation. And He has broken lots of cutters when cutting, When it stops then movement on cutter stops while it moves it breaks cutter and have to change the cutter.     Possible Reasons: 1.Hard key blank and incorrect cutter setting (broken cutter) 2.Damaged driver board (dark screen)  ...

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Xhorse Condor II Error Code 2 Not Detected Cutter

Problem: I had a problem cutting Suzuki HU133R key blank. My Xhorse Condor II key cutting machine gave me error code 3. Not detected cutter. Any advice?     Solution: First of all, do an Electrical Conductivity test. In Condor II main menu, go to Settings->Machine Test-> Electrical Conductivity Measurement->Start Test If there is a problem with the conductivity test, do followin...

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