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Renesas H8SX SRS UART Repair by Diatronik and Gprog

How-to: Toyota/Honda/Subaru Renesas H8SX UART airbag module reset using Diatronik OBD Tool and Gprog. What you need: Diatronik SRS OBD Tool/CarMasterX/GromCalcTool GPROG LITE SL adapter With Gprog adapter you can do Toyota Honda Subaru Renesas H8SX crash remove by solder points and read/write Renesas H8SX full flash by Jtag. Note: Gprog cannot work stand alone. It must work with airbag reset devic...

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Kia Soul  MOBIS Airbag Module Reset by Diatronik OBD Tool

How-to: Kia Soul 2016 2015 2014 Airbag Module Reset via OBD CAN Lines.   Kia airbag control unit MOBIS 95910-B2010   Remove crash data from KIA Soul on the table via OBD cable using CAN Low and CAN High pins. No need to open unit up, no soldering. Or directly in the car no need to remove the module.           Device to reset: Using Diatronik SRS+DASH+CALC+EPS or CalkMasterX OBD tool (they are the ...

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How to Update Diatronik Airbag Dash Immo OBD Tool

Diatronik engineers will update/improve their devices recently. And here’s the detail instruction on updating Diatronik SRS+DASH+CALC+EPS OBD Tool security key. 1.After the first run utility screen will appear where you select to Start new dongle remote update session: 2.On the next page displayed is the generated update request (number-question) is a sequence of hexadecimal characters containing ...

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