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Dolphin XP005L

How to Solve Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Peugeot HU83 Error Code 2?

Problem: I had a problem cutting Peugeot 207 HU83 key blade with new xhorse dolphin xp005l key cutting machine. Giving Error code 2 probes not detected.         Solution: The clip key is in the wrong position.     Pay attention to the position of the clip key, not in the bottom groove. If the key clip is in working position you will fail to cut key (usually get error ...

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How to Cut Chrysler CY24 key by Xhorse Dolphin II?

If you have a problem cutting Chrysler CY24 key with Xhorse Dolphin XP005L key cutting machine, here’s tip.       Put the key in as far as you can and the machine will cut it. We do it on mine all the time. never had to grind anything. cy24 is probably the most common key to cut, never once had an issue with it not being far enough. You have to ignore the instructions on the Dolphin...

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Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Error Code 6 Working Solution

If your Xhorse dolphin XP005L (Dolphin II) key cutting machine had error code 6.   Example 1: When doing height calibration, dolphin ii got error 6.       Example 2: Error 6 when trying to cut a toy 40 Blade the machine did decode the original but would not cut the blank. Using a 1.5 mm cutter and after full calibration it still would not cut.   If it is a new machine, fol...

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