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Read Volvo Denso ECU SH72543 with CG FC200

It is a Denso MB279700-9500 ECU from a Volvo XC60.  CG FC200 reads/writes this ECU without issue.     In FC200 software, select Volvo->Denso MB279700-9500 SH72543->Platform mode (Bench) Check wiring diagram Confirm whether the pins on the ECU are the same as those on the software. On the wiring diagram, you only need to connect 5 wires, two RED12V wires, one GND wire to ground,  CA...

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Tops Tools to Read GM ACDelco E98 by OBD or Bench

Are you looking for a reading tool for GM Opel ACDelco E98? Here’s the clue. 1). Foxflash/KT200: OBD & Bench Both Foxflash and KT200 read/write Delco E98 without problem. Bench mode is recommended and it is faster. Some users also tested working in OBD mode. OBD works but takes longer. The network is very important. Better read it full system on bench.       check pinout and ins...

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How to Activate CG FC200 Continental TC17 License

Q: I got the CG FC200 programmer software updated to latest V1.1.3.0, but Continental TC17 and bench MPC5xx license are missing. How to activate it?     A: The authorization will be activated uniformly in two days. License are free, but need to use an extra adapter. FC200 bench MPC5xx adapter       FC200 software V1.1.3.0 update feature May 24th, 2023 1. New Function (A) V...

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Cheap Tools to Clone BMW ZF 8HP Gearbox

What is the cheapest tool to clone BMW ZF 8HP gearbox?   1. Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 19 Yanhua Mini ACDP 19 is made for SH725XX ZF 8HP Gearbox Clone. It only works with BMW ZF 8HP, but also for Jaguar, Land rover, VW/Audi, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, etc. Function: Full Backup Data Full Write Data Read MAPS Read INT EEPROM Write ...

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CG FC200 Adds Benz VGS VGS2 FDCT and FCVT

CG FC200 ecu programmer released new software on April 6th, 2023.   Update Content: 1. Fix the problem of engine recognition and read/write failure in GM E38, E67 and E39 2. Add GM E37, E39A, E78, E80 and E83 engine platform mode 3. GM E38, E67, E39 and E39A engines add Ext FLASH verification function 4. Add the “time repair” function of “Lovol harvester” to su...

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CG FC200 vs CG100 vs CGPro 9s12

CG100 vs CGpro 9s12 vs CG FC-200 Which one to choose?   Here’s the clue. First of all, check a table comparison below Item CG100 CG Pro 9S12 CG FC200 Image Product Positioning Airbag Reset & Mileage reset Tool EEPROM Programmer & Key Programmer ECU/TCU Programmer Function Airbag reset,  Mileage correction, Engine/BCM Computer Repair, Write key BMW CAS1-CAS4 and some Land Rover mo...

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