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OBDSTAR DC706 and Foxflash Comparison

Question: I already own foxflash. I’m close to purchasing OBDSTAR DC706, Does this make sense?       Foxflash is not bad. Decent coverage. Cheap enough to take a punt on. The DC706 is supposed to be a clone of the IO Terminal software in a standalone.  Foxflash is a clone of DFB. How do they compare? Each tool has its pros and cons. Foxflash has decent coverage, it will do cars, mot...

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Read Toyota Denso 76F0085 ECU with Foxflash Ktag via Jtag

Toyota Denso ECU chip 76F0085, which tool to read/write?   Foxflash  Yes, it will read Denso 76F0085 ECU in Jtag mode. Connect according to manuals from foxflash. Need 24v power supply. 12V will not work (error boot)               Ktag Use Ktag in jtag mode. ktag has instructions too. Many problems to read even with ktag, there are tutorials on youtube to gr...

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How to Solve Foxflash Fiat Marelli ECU Error Inject?

Problem: Just did a Fiat Marelli MJD8F reading/writing/checksum OK with foxflash. But it made me an error (error inject)? Why? The vehicle has no issues working at all.     Solution: Voltage is low. In obd you need minimum of 13V try 3 or 4 times however reading is minimum 1h! It is read marelli. Software does not upload injector codes file when finished writting. Gotta get the injector ...

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How to Solve Foxflash Failed to Read Fiat Marelli 9DF by OBD

One of foxflash users failed to read and write Fiat MARELLI IAW 9DF ECU via OBD. Error writing error ChangeSpeed. Possible Secure Gateway presence. Check to bypass.       Here is the clue. If it is 2018+ model, it has SGW. Put the SGW bypass cable. Need to bypass cable or open ecu and jtag boot. HW000 no need to open ECU, it is VR reading. You need a bypass cable if SGW model. If it...

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Foxflash Offline Software Loader Free Download

One of the foxflash tool users has cracked the offline version software.   DO NOT USE ONLINE IF PLAYING WITH THIS! DO NOT USE ONLINE IF PLAYING WITH THIS! DO NOT USE ONLINE IF PLAYING WITH THIS!   Foxflash offline software + loader Credit to Petko Yotov. Try at your own risk. We don’t hold the responsibility for the damage.   No internet, No checksum, No VR File. No protocol update....

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Read and Write Iveco DCU17PC43 with Foxflash

Foxflash new feedback today from one of the‘s customers.   ‘Iveco Daily VII 2020 SCR off You need to make two drivers to make it work, ECU and DCU.   ECU EDC17C49 Read, write on bench, checksum by foxflash.   Iveco EDC17C49 bench pinout to foxflash         To read and write use the following driver: → BENCH MODE → IVECO → TC1797 – IVECO → EDC17 C49 &...

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How to Clone VAG MED17.5.2 ECU with Foxflash?

New user feedback about foxflash clone function. ECU MED17.5.2 Tc1767 (Vw passat) Tricore boot ‘Read Password, Tricore boot ‘Read Micro&Eeprom, Tricore boot ‘Write Clone File’ to new use ECU. All processes went smoothly and successfully. Just use the foxflash come with clone function deal the files.           BOSCH MED17.5.2 [ TC1767 INT.F.] – VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda boo...

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