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How to use Hextag to repair CAS corruption?

Sometimes BMW CAS3+ eeprom data is corrupted after bad reflash/downgrading and there is no communication with it and no ignition on car. Many devices will kill CAS3+ when downgrading via OBD, Xhorse VVDI2, Yanhua ACDP, IM608, AVDI even Autohex II without a sufficient power supply.     If done via obd, 14.2 always with maintainer. If data is corrupted, no need to make backup, even if some...

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AT200, Hextag or Yanhua to Clone BMW MG1 ECU?

What is the best tool to clone BMW ECU MG1 and MD1 and How to do? provides top solutions on this.     1. CG AT200 At200 needs a special cable to read those ECU on bench.  at200 bench read flash and eeprom works great with the adapter. Connection is easy no soldering. AT-200 software will show the detail operation guide. The special cable can read/write ISN from MG1CS003, MG1...

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HexProg Software 1.0.24 Adds EDC16 and ME9 Ecus

Microtronik HexProg Software released to Version 1.0.24 (July 29th, 2020). 100+ Ecus added in this version, most of them are those have MPC5XX MCUs like EDC16X and ME9X/MEV9X. In this version we corrected some issues reported by Hextag users like some Ecus with ST10 result a “Timeout Error”, Continental SIMOS 18 unlock, Ford Continental SID209, … and we added more Tricore Ecus too. We added a new ...

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How to Activate Hextag Programmer ECU Cloning Function?

Hextag supports ECU Cloning/Tuning for a wide range of brands. HexTag ECU Cloning Function is free only for 90 days . ECU Cloning License cost is 1000USD for the first year,  annual subscription is 350USD/year. How to Activate ECU Cloning feature for Hextag programmer? Visit, go to Members tab Register and login with email and password Choose Hexprog License Info-> ECU ...

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Repair BMW FRM3 by Hextag, VVDI, CGPro, ACDP or Xprog

Car model and year: BMW Mini E81 / E71 with FRM3 (BMW Footwell Module). Purpose: repair BMW FRM3 Possible Tools to repair FRM3: 1.Xhorse VVDI Prog 2. Yanhua Mini ACDP 3. CG Pro 9S12 4. Hextag programmer 5.Xprog M Box VVDI PROG repair FRM3: confirmed I have not had any trouble yet with my VVDI prog. When using vvdi prog, you must first write partition (choose dflash 0kb) and ALSO write your new eep...

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