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kess v2 4.036

How to Write Subaru ECU with Kess V2 by OBD

Read many posts to have the pin diagrams for the Kess v2 ecu tuning master Subaru cable. And luckily, i found this: The man has a genuine kess subaru cable., and measured the cable for someone in need.   But it seems there is something wrong. He has the red obd connector the wrong way round A mate in the forum also says ”what you have as pin 1 is actually pin 9 and what you have as pin 15 or ...

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How to use Ktag 7.020 to read Toyota diesel engine ecu

Question before entering: I have a Toyota with d4d engine 2.2d 177hp Which tool can read and write   Solution: kess v2 5.017 write it on CAN Line But you have to do an original because you can’t read it New Ktag clone should do it on bench in Jtag. X17 official web and write it without problem by OBD or by pinout. But only in CAN LINE and some think in Kline but you have to buy or build...

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Kess V2 Ksuite V2.37 Software Installation Guide

New version Ksuite V2.37 software has been tested and verified working with Kess v2 v4.036, v4.024 and v3.099 firmware master clone ecu tuning kits by technician.   Software version: Ksuite V2.37 Firmware: SE87 Kess V2 V3.099, SE87-E Kess V2 V3.099; SE87-C Kess V2 V4.036; SE87-K Kess V2 V4.024 truck version; Kess V2 V4.026 truck version; No Token Limitation. No Checksum Error Mul...

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Kess V2 Firmware 5.017 ECU List, Pictures and Reviews

Kess v2  OBD master manager tuning kit with new firmware V5.017 China clone has been rolled out in   What’s new in Kess v2 V5.017 comparing old firmware kess v2 v4.036? a. KESS V4.036 only supports car, KESS 5.017 can support car/truck/tractor/Bike ! b. KESS V4.036 no token limited for some car, has token limited for some other car.     KESS V5.017 has no token limited for all v...

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