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kess v2 v4.036

Kess V2 Delete Fiat Ducato III DPF and EGR value

Today flashing the engine control unit on the Fiat Ducato III 2013Y 2.3L MT EDC16C39. It was necessary to turn off the EGR valve (it will shut up, a lot of soot in the intake manifold), DPF diesel particulate filter (to be cut), and of course, a fine tuning by itself) We will need the KESS V2 Master programmer clone or origianl. (Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. You are at you...

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Kess V2 Flashes Chevrolet Cruze ECU Simtec 76.1

Today I was flashing the engine control unit on the Chevrolet Cruze A J300 2012Y 1.8L AT. The car arrived with errors after the service, where they changed the rear lambda, put a trick, checked the wiring, cut the cat, etc: The owner of the car is already tired of all this, so it was decided to flash the calibration under E2. What I actually did)) Siemens Simtec 76.1 control unit : For the firmwar...

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Kess V2 V5.017 Red PCB Online EU Version Protocol List

New Kess V2 V5.017 red PCB firmware European solution has been rolled out in Top Feature: 1. Hardware/Firmware V5.017  (Newest Version) Software Ksuite V2.23 2. Master Version OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit 3. No Tokens Limitation  4. No Checksum Error 5. Add 140+ Protocols than kess v2 v4.036 (Support more car models till 2016 2017 year.) 6. Support Online Operation. (No damage to device w...

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Kess V2 V5.017 Read and Write Toyota ECU Yaris 2NZ-FE

Have something about KESS V2 5.017 i wanna share with all.   About my package KESS V2 v5.017: I spent $199 on it (src: It’s a china clone with a green board. I put it here About KESS V2 5.017 software:   Kess 5.017 came with Ksuite 2.23 software (a CD), saying Windows XP is the best operation to run on. And i did. &...

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Kess V2 Ksuite V2.35 Clone New Protocol List

Kess v2 master ecu programmer ksuite 2.35 is released with new protocols at, installed successfully on Windows XP system and tested no issues with kess v2 clones that read BMW E90 2005 ecu data.   Here you go.   Part 1: Kess V2 Ksuite 2.35 Test Report K-suite 2.35 is confirmed to work no issues with Kess v2 master china clone below: se87-e: KESS V2 Firmware V3.099 se87-c: KE...

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Fgtech, Ktag, Kess V2 unlock & flash PCR 2.1

This is a thread- “100% tested /worked bench unlock and flashing (read and write ) on pcr2.1”, posted in Good information, so i share this thread again. No one but yourself should take responsibility of what you will try. Big thanks to gzk in France did the following write-up of reviews of pcr2.1 bench unlock and flashing. Here you go. (src:…...

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New Genius K-touch Clone ECU Programmer Review

New Genius china clone, what ECUs can work and what cannot work? K-Touch OBD ecu programmer real reviews from users…. Here you go.   Today i got New Genius K-Touch from china. I tested on Med 9.1.1 Audi q7 4.2 FSI. Id and read ok.   Today i read edc17c19 Opel insignia. work very fast   K-Touch is a crap tool made from Kess v2 v4.036 tech with a screen on it. I would never use it on ...

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