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How to Solve OBDSTAR DC706 Volvo CEM Asking for PIN Code

Problem: Trying to clone 2015 Volvo CEM DELPHI R5F64525 module with OBDSTAR DC706. It asks for a 12 digit pin code. Where or how can i find it? Is there an easy way to get the CEM pin?     Solution: Some Volvo CEMs require you to extract the password from the flash first. same as I.O terminal. Many Volvo’s CEM’s you need to have a password to be able to use DC706, IO Terminal and so on. ...

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How to Clone Chrysler GPEC2 ECU with OBDSTAR DC706 MP001

Here are the instructions to clone Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Continental GPEC2 ECM with OBDSTAR DC706 & MP001 programmer.   You will need OBDSTAR DC706 ECU TCU cloning tool MP001 programmer ECU Jumper cables  (or bundle set with DC706, MP001 and jumper cables) GPEC2 ECM Extra power supply.       Procedure: In DC706 select ECU Flasher->latest ECM software version. Search Jeep G...

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How to Reset OBDSTAR DC706 to Factory Setting?

If OBDSTAR DC706 does not come in anymore after software update, only displays the error ‘the DiagProgram Application has Stopped’. How to fix it?     Solution: In this case you will need a firmware reflashing (reset to factory setting).   Flash file is not open to everyone.  Contact our customer service by providing your serial number. Download the Firmware Flash file and operation...

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OBDSTAR DC706 Adds MG1CS001 SID305 MEDG17.9.8 ECUs

OBDSTAR DC706 and X300 Classic G3 update new ECU flasher software V30.70 on April 30th, 2024. *G3 need to activate ECU flasher license to have these updates. Add Read/Write INT flash, ReadA/Vrite I NT eeprom functions for below models: • ALFA ROMEO BOSCH EDC17C69 TC1793 • ALFA ROMEO BOSCH MED17.3.3 TC1793 • AUDI BOSCH MG1CS001 SPC5777 • CITROEN BOSCH MEV17.4.2 TC1767 • DAEWOO SIEMENS/KEMSCO D3 29F...

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OBDSTAR DC706 Clone Fiat 8GMK ECU on Bench

OBDSTAR DC706 software works perfectly on European Fiat 8GMK, 8GMW, 8GMF ect ECUs, tested many times. Our customer did a Fiat 500 8GMK cloning the other week witout problem at all. You can read, write and clone those ECUs on bench using P004/MP001. Pinout Fiat 8GMK ECU Select Fiat Magneti Marelli 8GMK CAN SPC564A80B4+ 95640 Connect Read EXT EEPROM ok Read INT flash ok Write EXT eeprom ok Write INT...

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OBDSTAR DC706 Failed to Read GPEC2A PCM Solution

If you have some issues reading flash on Chrysler Jeep Dodge GPEC2A PCM using the OBDSTAR DC706 ECU cloning tool, here are the tips for GPEC2A.   Error 1: ECU not responding       Error 2: made all connections as instructions say to do but only get ext eeprom read and all FFFFF in flash.           Tips for working on GPEC2A:   There is a power issu...

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OBDSTAR DC706 Adds GM EPS Radio Instrument ABS Modules

OBDSTAR released new BCM ECM ECU software update for DC706 and X300 Classic G3 (with ECU license). Adds Renault BCM/UCH Continental/jhonson control, GM Opel ABS, Instrument, radio modules.     Body ECU Flasher V30.28 Add read/write INT flash and Read/Write INT eeprom functions for GM EPS Bosch 70F3485   ECU ECM Flasher V30. 61 Add read/write INT flash, Read/Write INT eeprom for TATA...

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