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OEM Orange5 Plus V1.35 vs. Orange 5 v1.34

OEM Orange5 Plus clone with new software V1.35 is verified working.   V1.35 software adds more vehicle types comparing the older v1.34 version. Software version: V1.35 Language: English, Chinese, Russian Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8     What’s New of Orange5 Plus V1.35? orange5 v1.34 vs. v1.35 V1.34 supported chip type list V1.35 supported chip type list As you can ...

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Orange 5 Read and Repair Sprinter start error

Mercedes Sprinter start error repair. Data correction on ecu eeprom 95p08 and wsp mcu 0j66d performed in 15 minutes, real satisfaction like a “morning quickie” pinout is shown on orange5 programmer help chip pinout section on immo category after reading put ecu and wsp files to sprinter start error software modify those and write back mod-files to respective units… job done.   &nb...

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Original and Clone Orange5 Programmer Which to choose?

Lets Comapre Orange original VS Clone for users whos still confused Orange 5 ORIGINAL with Full adapters = Price 700 euro + Shiping Lisence Price M08V NEW = €50 Immo HPX 9V0 = €300 NEC V850ES/SJ3 V850ES/SG3  UART = €60 NEC V850E2 NEW = €60 So total Price is 1170 EURO ———- Orange 5 Clone With Full Adapters = Price 150 usd M08V NEW = Free Immo HPX 9V0 = Free NEC V850ES/SJ3 V850ES/S...

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How to Read Renault Clio 4 All Keys Lost Dump with Orange5

Problem: hello I need a dump of my hfm renault clio 4 year 2014 HFM (Hands Free Module) module all keys lost. I found a pinout but I do not know how to adapt it to my programmer orange 5  to read data on NEC processor v850 uPD70F3633. thank you for helping me to realize the cabling. Solution: Guide: read Renault Clio 4 HRM dump with Orange5 programmer Make a connection. No need lift pin. Connect w...

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Original Orange 5 Programmer Adapter Schematics

Here are adapter schematics to original scorpio-lk Orange 5 programmer.   Orange-5 Connectors and Panels Adapters compatible with Orange2,3 are attached to connector SE. Microwire 93cXX Connections (DIP8,SOIC8,SOIC14) Adapter for reading ISO smart-card Adapter for Programming microcontrollers ATMEL AT89Cx051 Orange5 Adapter for serial programming of microcontrollers ATMEL AVR Instead of the q...

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Program Benz W220 (OD69J) all keys lost with VVDI MB

How to: program Mercedes Benz W220 (OD69J) all keys lost using VVDI MB Tool and Orange 5 programmer. Step 1: Read EZS data with Orange 5 Desolder OD69J chip from W220 EZS with heat gun Solder OD69J chip to Orange5’s QFP64 adapter Solder adapter to Orange 5 Read OD69J EZS data and save it Step 2: Program W220 key with VVDI MB Select EIS tool->Load EIS data Load EZS data read by Orange5 Display k...

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How to Tell Original and Clone Orange5 from PCB

Let’s check the PCB, adapter and capabilities of Orange 5 original and clone.     Outlook: Left: Original Right: Clone Package: OEM Orange 5 (clone) : Blue board and adapters Original Orange5: Green board and adapters Clone comes with software CD cause software is not able to download and update Original does not with CD, you can download it on official website Orange5 or...

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