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Free Download VR Files and Damos 2021 for PCM Kess KT200

We share our collection of free VR files and WinOLS 4.51 VM Damos Pack for ecu chip tuning tools.   Free Download VR Files Tested working with KT200/KTM200/ECUTuner, bin file format, can be written with pcmtuner/kess v2 and other ECU tools.       Free download WinOLS 4.51 VM+ Damos Pack 2021 + VMWa...

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How to Solve PCMTuner 1.2.7 Activation Failure?

Here is the working solution for people who has problem activating pcmtuner flash 1.2.7 software.   First of all, follow instructions here to send the device ID to [email protected] and activate pcmtuner with license key. PCMTuner Flash 1.2.7 Download and Activation If failed to get it activated after copy license, it asks to activate it again, check solutions below:     1). It’s v...

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PCMTuner 1.2.7 Software Download and Activation

PCMTuner Flash v1.2.7 adds new Fetrotech Plugin and new UI interface. This new upgrade will require you re-activate your device. Check guide below to download and install software 1.2.7.     Where to download PCMTuner 1.2.7? Go to to download new update complete with new pcmflash (PCMTuner Flash). Remember to always run setup as admin and disable any strict firewall etc. &n...

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PCMTuner Read VAG PCR2.1 via OBD or Tricore?

Question: I am working VAG PCR 2.1 ECU on OBD (not in BSL) with pcmtuner. All completely but the car does not start. Any solution?     Solution: 1). If ECU was already unlocked or you did unlock in BSL, it must be a file issue. Contact your file provider. Check for DTC codes to help diagnose your problem. If you write a file without unlocking in BSL, use ODIS to write original file to EC...

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V1.2.7 PCMTuner Software Adds Fetrotech Plugin

PCMTuner released new app software version 1.2.7 on August 3rd, 2022.   PCMTuner V1.2.7 Update Log: 1) added fetrotech plugin order window 2) PCMtuner Flash was add, New GUI set up, use easier PCMTuner Fetrotech Tool MD1 MG1 EDC16 MED9.1 ECU List   How to Update PCMTuner to V1.2.7? Software program will show you an Update available when a new version comes out. Enable network connection....

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How to Build PCMTuner DSG Gearbox Cable in 2 Ways?

If you are managed to read VW Audi Skoda DSG gearbox TCU micro/flash and eeprom for cloning purposes, there are two ways to build a DSG connector for pcmtuner/kess v2/pcmflash/ktm bench etc.   Method 1: Some DSG TCUs require permanent and switched power, which requires a switch boc to be built. DSG bench reading you have to provide 1 X 12v permanent power hence using a breakout cable (Godiag ...

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PCMTuner Module 58 OBD Boot and BSL Instruction

PCMTuner pcmflash module 58 is designed to work with the ECU, DSG and CVT.   It supports writing on ” OBD ” (the main purpose – tuning), as well as work in BOOT mode (the main purpose – repair) – read and write memory of the processor, as well as external eeprom. What’s the difference between OBD, BOOT (Direct connection to TCU) and BSL mode using pcmtuner module 58?   Check the guide and inf...

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