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R270 clone

How to Modify R270+ Clone to Read and Write 35080D0WQ?

R270 was made maybe 15 20 years ago long time ago and then they started getting duplicated in China.  Now the original versions had blue circuit board and this one has a red sort of sub board. and then the actual board inside the unit is red as well and the general consensus is that the blue boards will read more of the chips than the red ones and these red ones which have sort of spawned out of C...

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How to Modify R270 Clone to Erase 160D0WT Chips?

Q: The R270 BDM programmer China Clone won’t let me erase 160D0WT chips.  Because the r270 looks like there are some components missing when i was comparing to some others online. Possible to rework it to erase 160D0WT? Here my r270 clone boards inside         I’ve tried the 1000uf 12v cap but failed to erase 160D0WT chip. Customer solution: *You are at your risk. You can use o...

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