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CG Pro, VVDI or Yanhua to Virgin BMW M35128 Cluster

What is the best tool to do mileage correction on BMW F and X series? How to Virgin BMW F or G series cluster m35128? Is it difficult to erase 35128 eeprom om BMW cluster? Which device is better, vvdi prog, cg por, r270 or Yanhua emulator?       For 35128WT only a few devices claim that they can do this chip. Here comes the clue:   Xhorse VVDI Prog: with Xhorse 35160DW Chip. &n...

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How to Modify R270+ Clone to Read and Write 35080D0WQ?

R270 was made maybe 15 20 years ago long time ago and then they started getting duplicated in China.  Now the original versions had blue circuit board and this one has a red sort of sub board. and then the actual board inside the unit is red as well and the general consensus is that the blue boards will read more of the chips than the red ones and these red ones which have sort of spawned out of C...

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How to Modify R270 Clone to Erase 160D0WT Chips?

Q: The R270 BDM programmer China Clone won’t let me erase 160D0WT chips.  Because the r270 looks like there are some components missing when i was comparing to some others online. Possible to rework it to erase 160D0WT? Here my r270 clone boards inside         I’ve tried the 1000uf 12v cap but failed to erase 160D0WT chip. Customer solution: *You are at your risk. You can use o...

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Benz Sprinter 2010 EZS Pinouts to Xprog and R270

Purpose:  Do odometer correction on 2010 Sprinter Van. I need the soldering points for the ezs/eis.I can't actually see the mask but after extensive reading every points to them having the 0L01Y mask. Which programmer will work? Solution: R260 original ok clone rosfar,ok xprog clone ok R270 ok Use xprog the pinouts for xprog is what posted below. i always do this with xprog and never had a problem...

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Mercedes Benz W203 4J74Y ECU Pinouts to Xprog UPA

This is pinout of EZS 203 545 01 08, using ECU programmers Xprog or UPA USB programmer. Mercedes W203 mask 4j74y   I usually use rosfar pinouts transfer pindata to Xprog. UPA read only first mcu..for second need security bites 4J74Y W203 W203 1J35D R270 BDM programmer W203 1J35D (xJ74Y) EIS W203 1J35D pinout Xprog-M    Yes, you can have luck to read w204 eis with Xprog and erase the flash. Bu...

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How to rework R270 CAS BDM Programmer PCB

Hello, mates. I want to share with you my experience about R270 BDM Programmer, especially about how to rework R270 pcb. I’ve buy one of this chinese clones and problems starts. First of all – continuously erasing flash of Mercedes EZS’s. Then – difficulties with erasing increasement registers of 35080, 35080v6 etc. Then i found one working unit and open it to see differences. In the pictures you ...

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Read D80 EEPROM, VVDI Prog Failed, R270 Worked

Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer read and write EEPROM D80 (080D0WQ) failed but R270 BDM programmer succeeded. Here is the test report. Vvdi Prog Programmer 4.5.7 read EEPROM D80 Read Verify Erase inc Chip crack failure! R270 BDM CAS4 programmer read & write EEPROM D80 Select MCU Read (1-3 minutes) Then save data EIS/CAS odometer, erase odometer   Write success!   In summary, vvdi prog pr...

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