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VVDI Key Tool Max

VVDI Key Tool Max PRO Renew 2020 Nissan Maxima Smart Key

Today I’m going to show how to unlock 2020+ Nissan Ultima or Maxima smart key with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max/ Key Tool Max PRO. When a Nissan OEM smart key is used on a vehicle, you’re not able to reuse it on a different car. Its circuit board will lock up. But with the Key Tool Max, you can renew or unlock the key. Now let’s get start.   As we can see, the circuit board is Locked now.   ...

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How to Generate Toyota Emergency key with Xhorse Key Tool Max

Problem: Xhorse VVDI key tool max cannot copy the new key car file. When generating emergency key with xm38 via EEPROM. it said failed to write data. Any solution?                     Solution: You cannot directly generate emergency key via eeprom. Need to use XM38 smart key to generate the corresponding type of smart card. Then generate AKL emerge...

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Xhorse ID13 Transponder Search Header Info Solution

Problem: Programming a Honda ID13 transponder key with xhorse vvdi key tool max and this message came up. Does anyone know how to get the information for “search header info” ? Thank you       Solution: After you generate the chip is empty without ID.             Go to special funtions >set type of vvdi super chip>set as id13 >settings.   ...

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How to Clone Xhorse Masker Garage Remote by VVDI Key Tool Max

Today we’re going to use the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max to clone a garage remote control. This garage remote to be cloned is brought from the client, which has 4 buttons. So next we’ll use a new Xhorse Masker Garage Remote to finish the cloning. I’ve separated its circuit board and battery on the table.       Click “Remote Clone” to check frequency, it shows 433.80Mhz. HCS/Fixed Code ...

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Xhorse Failed to Clone Kia 4D70 Error 10102 Solution

Problem: Xhorse vvdi key tool max failed failed to clone 4D70 from a Kia Rio 2023, Calculate failed, error code 10102 any solution?           Solution: If it is an older Kia/Hyundai, it might be network issue. Need must strong network connection for all cloning tool for 70-80bit. But if it is 2020 onwards models, xhorse vvdi cannot clone 4D70 on Hyundai and Kia from around...

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How to Read Car Mileage with VVDI Key Tool Max?

Here’s a small tip to guide you quickly check vehicle mileage on Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro/ VVDI Key Tool Max programmer. You’ll need to have a working key at hand.   Put the working key into Key Tool Max slot. Transponder clone >> Read transponder Here to check key information including key type, specific chip, key ID, key status, cloneable or not, encrypte mode, code mode, brand, c...

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Xhorse Key Tool Max Add Discovery 3 Remote Key

How-to: add remote key to Range Rover sport Discovery 3 year 2003-2009 with xhorse vvdi mini obd tool+ vvdi key tool max. When you add key remote control will be programmed together.       Go to Immo programming-> Landrover->Discovery 3->Key Programming->Start-> Program keys         Insert a valid key into the ignition switch and turn the ignition ...

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