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VVDI Key Tool Max

Tips to Program Honda CRV 2020 AKL by Xhorse Key Tool Max

Here’s some easy tips on generating 2020 HONDA CR-V remote and made all keys lost with  Xhorse key tool max in 20 minutes for those interested on how it was done .   You’ll need: Xhorse vvdi key tool max + Mini OBD tool Xhorse universal remote  (No pin code required)     Generate this universal remote in accordance to the original version 433Mhz immediately and did that the the tran...

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How to Download Dump File from Xhorse Data Center?

Here’s an easy guide to download a dump file from Xhorse website on Windows PC to your xhorse vvdi key tool max or key tool plus device. Turn on key tool max Go to Setting on the top right corner     Select Scan function     Browse Xhorse website on Windows PC which will give you a QR Code to login Scan the QR code     Scan successful You need to read th...

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How to Modify Smart Key Button Distance with VVDI Mini Key Tool ?

How to use Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool to modify smart key button data? Locksmiths may need the tip when making a smart key. Here is the procedure with VVDI Mini Key Tool, it is suitable for VVDI Key Tool Max as well.       Procedure Go to main menu after connecting with VVDI Mini Key Tool. Vehicle remote >> Chrysler >> All remotes >> Chrysler KeylessGo ID46 433M &nb...

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VVDI Remote Charge Battery Test Review

Questions Does the vvdi mini key tool remote charge battery function work? Can I use the function with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max programmer? What vehicle models dose the function work for?         Answers Yes, it can work normally. Yes, remote charge battery function can work well with VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI Key Tool Max. It is used for BMW old type EWS original rechargeable keys. &n...

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Dolphin XP005 + VVDI Key Tool Max Cut Suzuki Swift Key

How to use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 + VVDI Key Tool Max to cut a key for Suzuki Swift? Today I will make a quick demonstration for its procedure.   Connect VVDI Key Tool Max and Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine via Bluetooth for smart control, prepare an original key and a new for ready, then get to start:   Vehicle database >> Suzuki >> Swift >> Swift-New >> OK &nbs...

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Generate and Program Kia Picanto 14-15 Remote by VVDI Tools

How-to: generate and program Kia Picanto 2014 2015 remote key by Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Max and MiNi OBD Tool. Tools required: Xhorse vvdi key tool max VVDI Mini OBD Tool Original remote Xhorse universal remote Left: customer original remote;   Right: xhorse new wire remote Procedure: Step 1: Generate Remote In key tool max app, select Vehicle Remote -> KIA-> Picanto->Picanto 2011-2014 9543...

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VVDI Key Tool Max File Makes Skoda Octavia Key

How-to: program Skoda Octavia 2001- 93c86 key using Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Max and Vvdi prog. Step 1: Read dump  Remove dashboard and desolder 9C386 chip     Solder 93c86 chip to vvdi prog adapter and connect adapter with vvdi-prog   In VVDI Prog software, select EEPROM->ST->M93C86 Read and save eeprom data, i.e 93c86 eeprom.bin   Step 2: Prepare dealer key  In VVDI Key Too...

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