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VVDI Key Tool Max

How to Renew BMW F Series HUF5662 Remote by Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

Here is showing how to unlock or renew a BMW F series HUF5662 smart key with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max. Certainly you can use the new VVDI Key Tool Max PRO instead. Simple operation, minutes to do.   This is the BMW locked key, it’s a transponder 49 PCF7953P chip.       Accessories Required BMW Smart Key VVDI Key Tool Max/ Key Tool Max PRO Renew Cable   Operation Take off t...

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Xhorse Key Tool Max Clone Nissan Almera 2003 Key

How-to: program Nissan Almera 2003 BCM key with xhorse vvdi tools.   Step 1: Read BCM by xhorse vvdi prog     Upload dump to xhorse cloud server You can find nissan bcm almera 2003 imo data in My data     Step 2: Clone transponder with vvdi key tool max via super chip xt27a Clone 93c66 transponder with key tool max           Prepare dealer key succ...

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How to Solve Xhorse ID48 96bit Binding Account Error 5000?

Problem: I am trying to clone 2016 VW Passat I have points but am getting this error with the xhorse vvdi key tool max. Error: 5000, please use the binding account of the current device for 48(96 bit) Calculation.     Solution: You have to link your xhorse key tool with your existing Xhorse account. You have to log in with the server. Go to your account page and bind the device. Takes no...

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Will Xhorse Super Chip Clone Ford F-150 4D83 Key?

Problem: I was trying to clone a Ford key because their key was busted up so they can get it in and do a couple of new keys. But for some reason my xhorse vvdi key tool max wouldn’t clone them it’s done it before I just updated is it something in the new updates that should be fixed. This was on a 2008 F-150 You can see the information I pulled and The answer I got from the machine.     ...

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Reviews on Xhorse VVDI2, Key tool, Dolphin XP005 etc

One DK Veteran review on Xhorse VVDI2, key tool max, key tool, Dolphin XP005 etc One DK Veteran who is running a locksmith shop and he is trying to tell what kind of key programmers (and other hardware) he have, and what they are good for. This post editor picks his point of view on Xhorse VVDI2, key tool max, key tool, Dolphin XP-005 etc Xhorse VVDI2 full: A good alternative when you don’t want t...

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Xhorse VVDI Toyota 8A AKL Adapter Manual and Wiring

Here provides opearyoion manual to the new released Xhorse VVDI 8A adapter for non-smart key all keys lost without disassembling immo box. Manual including: Toyota Camry 2015 2016/2017 Years 8A All Keys Lost Toyota Corolla 8A All Keys Lost Toyota High Lander 8A All Keys Lost Toyota Hilux 8A All Keys Lost Toyota Levin 8A All Keys Lost Toyota Prado 2017 2018 8A All Keys Lost Toyota RAV4...

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VVDI Mini OBD Tool Read Nissan Sentra B16 BCM Code

Customer test report & feedback: Yet another example of the VVDI Mini OBD Tool (with key tool max) adding key to a Nissan Sentra B16. I had the warning and head lights turned on to see if my setup was going to be able to get the voltage above 13. Once you get BCM and pin codes I went and selected the Classify by System option and added three keys. My car is from 2012 so the pin is the one that...

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