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VVDI MB or CGDI MB to Renew Mercedes ECU?

Who tested the ECU programming with Xhorse VVDI MB Tool? This fbs3 manager, It will let you write vin and immodata, in some ecus. Not all ecus. crd i failed to write a new vin. But the eis data, can be learned to the crd ecu, even if the vin is different from the eis. Car starts.   This feature is also in vvdi mb, but might not support so many ecus. I already have MB cgdi myself.   In fact! V...

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Tips to ProgramMercedes W164 2009 All Keys Lost with VVDI MB

Problem: I tried to do Mercedes w164 2009 ML all keys lost with xhorse vvdi mb tool. Connected 12v to FAST adapter, connected xhorse w164 cable, connected gateway emulator to the cable. I was able to read EIS data through IR but no password calculation could be preformed – vvdi mb kept prompting “can’t detect eis, check connection”. Tried by IR. Didn’t work. Tried by “obd”. Didn’t work. Tried to l...

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How to Solve VVDI MB Failed to Calculate Password?

Problem: Getting this error when trying to calculate password with xhorse vvdi mb tool ! “Calculate failed, collect data and retry. ” Why and how to fix ?     Possible reason: 1.If your internet signal is weak this can happen. 2.You have collected the data more than once 3.or you just submit the same corrected data to server multiple times Change stable network connection. If you haven’t...

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How to Add Mercedes Sprinter Key when get a Virgin EIS?

Question: I’ve got a 2011 mercedes sprinter stolen and recovered (EIS removed), If I get a virgin EIS would I be able to program that and a new key and get the van going? I’ve not done much work on mercedes only adding keys.   Solution: 1) VVDI MB and CGDI MB will do it. Pulled key data from ecu, erased used EIS, and write vin + key data to it, just set random password, make new keys, and wri...

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Xhorse VVDI MB Program Benz W220 All Keys Lost by OBD

Here is a little walkthrough on Mercedes W220 all keys lost programming. One of our customers successfully calculated password via OBD without soldering.   A Mercedes Benz W220 EZS all keys lost.  Autel couldn’t do it, the password could not be read by xhorse vvdi mb tool through IR using the 1-4 min method.         After 14 hours of reading and failing through OBD (Direct...

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How to Renew Mercedes ECU ME9.7 by VVDI MB Tool?

Here’s a quick easy guide on renewing Mercedes Benz ECU ME9.7 with xhorse vvdi mb tool through OBD   For connection, check the previous post: connect VVDI MB Tool to ME 9.7 ECU   Select Renew ECU/Gearbox Function Select ECU   Read ECU information Get Erase password Press Renew If failed to erase target unit, renew again Renew ECU success Save data

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Which VVDI MB Adapter to Unlock NEC Key Chip ?

Question: Which VVDI MB adapter is for the unlocking NEC key chip? green or blue one? Solution: Use green board, your NEC is 57. Read the key on vvdi mb tool, then you will get Version you will know what adapter should be used. Sometimes you need to soldering SMD fuse on the green adapter. After reading the password of the chip, key can became unuse status, key has to be placed in ignition to beco...

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