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VVDI Mini Key Tool

VVDI Smart Remote works on Honda, Confirmed

Confirmed: VVDI MINI Key tool can make Honda smart key with VVDI remotes. Press the “lock” button for 3 times. Press “trunk” to open the trunk. Get on the car, it starts the car. This is VVDI MINI Key tool. Thanks.

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Solved! VVDI Key Tool V3.2.8 Get Upgrade files failed

Offer solution to VVDI Key Tool V3.2.8 “Get Upgrade files failed” Solution. Tried three different computers. No firewall and no antivirus. Still keep getting error. Post a screen from error. Possible reason and solution offered by engineer: That is the problem about the version , please use the xhorse app ‘online service’ for contact the people, and show your serial number of this , t...

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Xhorse VVDI2 Mini Key Tool get Free 96bit copy 48 Function

Xhorse rolls out Mid-autumn festival celebration promotion- Free 96 bit copy 48 function. Offer requirement: 1) Download Xhorse App 2) Register your login account 3) Combine your VVDI Key Tool, VVDI2 or VVDI MINI Key Tool to your account before 1st October 96bit copy 48 function will be activated automatically on October 1st, 2019. Promotion expires on 1st October, 2019. You can check related to C...

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Remote & Transponder programming by VVDI Key Tool or Mini Key Tool

Topic: Give advice on the best tool for Remote & Transponder programming VVDI Key Tool or VVDI Mini Key Tool. looking for most Asian Japanese Car remote key and transponder.   Give advice: all depends on what you want to do : VVDI key tool needs activation of id48 copy separately and costs extra but vvdi mini key tool comes with id48 copy activated   BUT it doesn’t have all the other func...

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Difference Between VVDI Mini Key Tool Global and Other Versions

What’s the difference between global, NA and EU version? Only proximity remote? Can I program with EU version MINI KEY TOOL” Universal Smart Proximity Flip Type Key” remotes for these cars: +Add Jeep Grand Cherokee(2014-2019) +Add FIAT Freemont(2012+) +Add FIAT 500L(2016+) +Add FIAT 500X(2016+) Peugeot 2008(2016+) +Add Peugeot 3008(2016+) +Add Peugeot 308(2016+) +Add Peugeot Expert(2016+) +Add Jee...

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2017 VW Caddy Key Programming Tips with VVDI

Purpose: do a spare key   Key: older style 3 button remote   Car: 2017 VW Caddy   What to do: I’ve done 2016 exact same yes But I know in 2016 2017 cars is also possibility to be aes 48 chip Which cannot clone so check TP type with VVDI Mini key tool. In another word, check chip with VVDI key tool before doing anything.   If it is AES48 chip can spare key be done with VVDI2. but you can’...

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Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool FAQs

Try to collect VVDI MINI Key tool reviews (what can it do) as well as the frequently -asked-questions (FAQ) like: Free COPY 48 96bit, Toyota H chip clone, firmware update, tokens, activation, bind and unbind, user manual etc. VVDI MINI Key tool Free COPY 48 96bit Every mini Keytool inc free copy 48 96bit 1/day (1 year) no need to enable by user. id 48 96 bit activ Able to clone an Toyota H chip wi...

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