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VVDI Mini Key Tool

VVDI Mini Key Tool Generate Renault Scenic ID46 Smart Key using Xhorse Key

It’s a Renault Scenic with ID46 chip key.  We’ll make a key using xhorse universal smart key.   We will use vvdi mini key tool.   First of all, we need to decide what key we need, open the program, select the make of the car and the type of the original key, it is highlighted in a green frame, it comes with KeylesGo with an ID46 chip   We generate a Xhorse XSKFF0EN 4-button smart ke...

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Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Generate Opel Vectra C ID46 Key

Question: I need to program a universal Xhorse key for European Opel Vectra C 2005, original key ID 46 as in the photo. There is no vectra C in the vvdi mini key tool selection.     If generate remote under this option, remote not work after programming with im608. Solution: Some managed to generate remote under this key option: PCF7946 Delphi BSI Review: 2005 Opel Vectra C Fiat Delphi B...

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VVDI Mini Key Tool BLE Failed Solution

Problem: My xhorse vvdi mini key tool stopped working. Error BLE failed. Does anyone know why this happens?   Solution: Update mini key tool via xhorse upgrade kit on PC. If still the same, there is something wrong with your tool. You might need to send back for repair.

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How to Solve Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Firmware Update Failed?

Problem: I am having an issue with the xhorse mini key tool. I was updating it (firmware) via upgrade kit and the battery died.  Now I keep getting fails trying to complete update and tool is stuck on ‘USB —PC’.  It says SAFE1 also when I turn it on.       Solution: Firmware upgrade should be done via Upgrade kit. If key tool battery is low or the internet is unstable, you will fail...

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Difference Between VVDI Key Tool Lite and VVDI Mini Key Tool

What’s the difference between Xhorse VVDI BEE key tool lite and vvdi mini key tool/key tool max? Check the table comparison below: Item Xhorse VVDI BEE Key Tool Lite Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Transponder clone Yes Yes Generate transponder Yes Yes Clone remote No Yes Generate remote Yes Yes Frequency test Yes Yes Remote renew No Yes IC/ID clone Yes Yes ID48 96bit clone Yes Yes Toyota 8A H online ca...

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Xhorse Key Tool Failed to Clone Volvo ID48 96bit Solution

Problem: Volvo xc90 when i try to clone id48 96bit with xhorse vvdi mini key tool, i have this and can not read other 7. What is problem, server, tools or?     Solution: Wait 1 minute each or disconnect battery terminal. Like VW Jetta, disconnect battery between reconnect and sniffer data acquisition 8 times. You have to disconnect the battery each time. After every read; ignition off, b...

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How to Clone Toyota Fortuner 2017 8A Chip by VVDI Mini Key Tool

How to decode and copy Toyota 8A chip key with xhorse vvdi mini key tool.   Model example: Toyota Fortuner 2017 Device used: vvdi mini key tool, vvdi super chip   In mini key tool, select Transponder Clone Put original key into induction coil Identify original key information 8A transponder, cloneable.     Press Clone->Start Clone Input chip to be copied, better super chip S...

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