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VVDI Mini Key Tool

How to Set VVDI Super Chip to TP23 for Golf 5?

Question: Why we cannot set super chip xt27 to TP23 with vvdi mini key tool. In menu i don’t have the option to set TP23. Before this option was active,now its not possible ? Answer: Yes, you can set vvdi super chip to TP23. Do not select Special Function, but go to Generate Transponder option and go to ID48.   Go to ID48 and then it will give you a choice as to which one you want, Audi, VW, ...

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Renew Renault Clio4 Proximity Remote with VVDI Mini Key Tool

Remote renew function is available in vvdi mini key tool. Here’s a demo on unlocking Renault Clio4 Proximity Remotes with Mini Key Tool. *VVDI mini key tool requires a renew cable to unlock remote. You can use your old vvdi key tool renew cable or make your own. Unlock  Renault Clio4 remote: Run Xhorse App, pair mini key tool via Bluetooth Select Special Function->Remote Renew->Renault->2...

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Tip on Clone Kia Smart Key Chip with VVDI Mini Key Tool

Used VVDI MINI key tool to clone smart key chip Kia Sorento, get the following error message ” Error, is original key? If its aftermarket chip, please use aftermarket chip to clone”. Xhorse chief engineer replied: For smart key, please use vvdi mini key tool to generate remote first, then directly program the key. Don’t copy, otherwise you only copy the immobilizer chip and it can be only used for...

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Xhorse VVDI Remote Renew Cable Pinout

Which vvdi device is compatible with remote renew function? How to make your own remote renew cable? 1.The old VVDI Key Tool has remote renew function and renew cable. VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI Key Tool Max can renew remotes, but don’t have remote renew cable. 2.Here’s the wiring pinout to vvdi remote renew cable (You are at your risk.)

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What jobs need tokens when using VVDI Mini Key Tool?

Have a question with vvdi mini key tool: What kind of work do tokens require?  do I need a token for all cloning? and what other jobs does the token require? Xhorse engineer replied: So far, ID48 (96 bit) online calculation requires token. And Toyota H (8A) online calculation requires token or bonus points ( except you use Xhorse super chip that won’t require token). You can login Xhose APP, enter...

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