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Benz W204 C200 2009 front SAM Cloning with VVDI Prog

A Mercedes-Benz W204 C-class C200 2009 front SAM control module is water damaged, need to clone a new SAM. First need to read dump data from old front SAM unit and clone to a new one. In Xhorse VVDI Prog software, select 8-Other->Benz->W204 FRONT SAM Module Check wiring diagram   Follow wiring diagram to connect vvdiprog MC912 reflash cable v3 with front SAM module       ...

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How to Read Opel Corsa-D D70F3379 BCM with VVDI Prog?

How-to: calculate PIN code from Opel Corsa-D BCM dump. Before calculating, you need use xhorse vvdi prog programmer to read out dump file from Opel Corsa-D BCM. Procedures: Step 1: Read dump from BCM Remove BCM and disassemble the cover to take PCB out. Solder wires on PCB according to the wiring diagram. In this example, we take VVDI Programmer as example,the diagram show on the software. In VVDI...

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VVDI Key Tool Max File Makes Skoda Octavia Key

How-to: program Skoda Octavia 2001- 93c86 key using Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Max and Vvdi prog. Step 1: Read dump  Remove dashboard and desolder 9C386 chip     Solder 93c86 chip to vvdi prog adapter and connect adapter with vvdi-prog   In VVDI Prog software, select EEPROM->ST->M93C86 Read and save eeprom data, i.e 93c86 eeprom.bin   Step 2: Prepare dealer key  In VVDI Key Too...

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VVDI Key Tool Max Program BMW X1 CAS3+ Key via IMMO Data Tool

How-to Program BMW X1 CAS3+ Key using Xhorse VVDI Prog and Vvdi Key Tool Max programmers. Update your keytool max to latest version because the file make key function (IMMO Data Tool) is required. Main steps:  Step 1: Read dump data Step 2: Prepare dealer key Step 3: Write data back Step 4: Test key Procedure: Step 1:  Remove CAS3+ module from vehicle and disassemble the unit In VVDI Prog software...

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VVDI Prog MCU Cable V1 V2 or V3 to Read Benz W211 HC12

Question: I have w211 HC12 EIS 211 545 10 08 (3K91D). Xhorse VVDI Prog manual says use cable V3 but on picture with connection there is V1 cable (it tell to use V2 or modify V1). In VVDI Prog software, I select EIZ-W211 (HC12), it failed to read and said chip crack failure.     So which cable do I need to use? Need be 100% sure which cable to use, in order to avoid (or minimalize) risk w...

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Alfa BCM MC9s12DG256 Pinout to Xhorse VVDI Prog

Question: Any option to get pinout BCM for carprog or vvdi prog? Can’t find anything ? I have this Magneti Marelli BCM alfa brera. MCU MC9s12DG256 CPVE 0L01Y QQPRO752     Any idea how to connect it ? Any option for pinout ? Solution: Smok or I/O terminal can read Alfa 159 by OBD. Don’t use carprog. Use Orange5, Upa or vvdiprog. It is not so difficult to follow the pins, and to a spot to ...

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Xhorse VVDI Software Failed to Install on Windows 10 Solution

Problem: Anyone had problems with VVDI MB on Windows 10? I have version 5.03. However, the application keeps deleting itself! I am told by our computer support it is not anti-virus issues. I have tried to update to 5.05 but it says it is not compatible with my computer. Dell E5450 i5. Any ideas? Solution: Xhorse engineers have tested vvdi tools software on WinXP, Win7, Win8 and Win10 all ok. If yo...

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