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How to use VVDI Prog to Read Mercedes W203 EZS?

Question: Did someone try to read Mercedes w203 ezs by wiring diagram?  I tried many times and fail vvdi prog show diagram from one side. This is diagram all w203 the same but it’s only one side i saw a video on YouTube wiring in two sides by vvdiprog. solution: You need to compare the picture with your pcb and the mcu number. If all same then this is your diagram.   You n...

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Read BMW EDC17C50 ISN with VVDI Prog and Bosch ECU Adapter

How-to: Read BMW EDC17C50 ECU ISN with Xhorse VVDI Prog and Bosch ECU adapter on bench. Read out BMW ISN code without opening ECU. ISN is need for all keys lost or ecu readaption to used car. Require to use Bosch ECU adapter to read on bench. Connect vvdiprog with Bosch ECU adapter follow the wiring diagram (check wiring in vvdi-prog)     Feed up with 14v power supply Open vvdi prog soft...

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Repair BMW FRM3 by Hextag, VVDI, CGPro, ACDP or Xprog

Car model and year: BMW Mini E81 / E71 with FRM3 (BMW Footwell Module). Purpose: repair BMW FRM3 Possible Tools to repair FRM3: 1.Xhorse VVDI Prog 2. Yanhua Mini ACDP 3. CG Pro 9S12 4. Hextag programmer 5.Xprog M Box VVDI PROG repair FRM3: confirmed I have not had any trouble yet with my VVDI prog. When using vvdi prog, you must first write partition (choose dflash 0kb) and ALSO write your new eep...

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Read and Write PCF79xx ECU by iProg or VVDI Prog

There are two solutions to read and write PCF79xx: Iprog+ clone + PCF79XX SD-card adapter or Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer + PCF79XX Adapter Iprog+ clone + PCF79XX SD-card adapter √PCF7941 √PCF7952 √PCF7953 √PCF7961 Read and write the above PCF79XX chip through MSDA, MSCL lines. VVDI Prog  + PCF79XX Adapter √PCF7922 √PCF7941 √PCF7945 √PCF7952 √PCF7953 √PCF7961 PCF79XX chip functions: √Lock √Unlock √...

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V4.9.2 VVDI Prog adds BMW XEQ384 XEP100 Read/Write

Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer software released to V4.9.2 (2020-03-16). VVDI-Prog V4.9.2 * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add VVDI PROG USER MANUAL 4.9.2 version in Doc folder + Add STM32F405RG, STM32F405OG, STM32F405VG, STM32F405ZG, STM32F405OE, STM32F407VE, STM32F407ZE, STM32F407IE, STM32F407IG options in <2-MCU>-><ST-STM32> + Add FRM-E-SERIES-XEQ384-READ, FRM-E-SERIES-XE...

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Will VVDI Prog Clone BMW ECU MSV80?

Question : VVDI prog can read this ECU BMW MSV80? i want to clone ECU.   Solution: You can’t clone msv80 with vvdi. Otp sector ISN. Read used DME ISN and write it to CAS. Vvdi prog can’t read this ecu! VVDI2 & VVDI BMW yes, read isn via OBD /by ecu pinout. Then you can put ISN of DME to CAS. IM608 and Autohex II will read the ISN as well.

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VVDI Prog vs. UPA Programmer

Vote: Xhorse VVDI PROG or UPA USB PROGRAMMER for mcu and eeprom. The result is most users recommend VVDI PROG. In details… @ volavka review: VVDI Prog buy and enjoy. @ wosanyn31 review: Vvdi prog is very good, supported and easy to use, but had some problem writing some eeproms which I did read n’write nicely with clone orange5. I’ve only use orig upa to read motorola MCUs with clone’s adapters @ ...

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