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VVDI super chip

Possible to Program BMW PCF7935 Key with Xhorse Super Chip?

Problem: I have a problem to write BMW EWS key with ak90 and vvdi mini key tool. Is it possible to do it with xhorse super chip or need OEM pcf7935? Solution: Many people got problems with super chip signal being weak or losing programming.   All works fine but PCF7935 no. Super chip works 100%. You need to know how to set it and write it. Write Superchip as VW id33 first.  Super chip WV id33 will...

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Generate Ford Tourneo 2015 Remote with Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool

Use Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool to program a Super Chip for Ford Tourneo 2015 is rather fast and easy to be done in 2 minutes. You’ll need an original working key & a new key for the operation.       Clone Transponder Transponder clone >> Read transponder (Put the original working key into Mini Key Tool coil)       Information has read out. It is transponder 4...

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VAG Cluster Bench Connection Pinout for Xhorse VVDI2

Problem: I have s Skoda supreb 2012 which has one working smart key (orignal key MEGAMOS ID48), car push start button. Customer need another key so i program xhorse vvdi smart key with vvdi2 vag but end process in cluster dispalys 0-2.  0-2 mean no key learned still in programming mode. Key not program with near push start & original key only remote work, not ignition & not start.  I have ...

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How to Clone 2015 Toyota Corolla Key with VVDI Super Chip

Today I’m gonna be cloning a Xhorse Super Chip by using VVDI Mini Key Tool for the 2015 Toyota Corolla key here.   So basically I have to put the key in the Mini Key Tool coil, super chip right on here. I already turned it on.         Then go to Mini Key Tool menu in Xhorse app,   Press “Transponder clone”   Put transponder into coil position as the picture shown...

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Xhorse VVDI2 Program Golf 4 Transponder Key via Super Chip

This is an operation tutorial of how to use Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer and vvdi super chip to program a key for VW Golf 4.   Procedure: Start up VVDI2 quick start, click VW, wait until connecting to device successfully.   Special function >> K-line instrument/immobox >> Read EEPROM   Connecting to device, please wait…   Start transfer/receive data…   Readi...

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VVDI Mini Key Tool Rewrite Super chip XT27A66

How to rewrite VVDI super chip XT27A66 multiple times with Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool? Here we go to make a quick demonstration for reference.   Start up Xhorse app, connect it with Mini Key Tool, put xhorse super chip into the coil: Transponder clone >> Read transponder           This is original information from XT27A66 chip, let’s go back to main page to rewri...

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How to Set VVDI Super Chip to TP23 for Golf 5?

Question: Why we cannot set super chip xt27 to TP23 with vvdi mini key tool. In menu i don’t have the option to set TP23. Before this option was active,now its not possible ? Answer: Yes, you can set vvdi super chip to TP23. Do not select Special Function, but go to Generate Transponder option and go to ID48.   Go to ID48 and then it will give you a choice as to which one you want, Audi, VW, ...

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