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Xhorse VVDI2 Adds MQB48 RH850 Fix KM and Clone Dash

Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer released new software version V7.3.6 on March 31st, 2024.   *** 2024-03-31 *** Require firmware V7.3.5 ************************************************************************ ===== VAG V7.3.6 ===== 1. Support MLB immobilizer key learning-Require VVDI-MLB TOOL 2. Support Fix dashboard data for MQB48-NEC35xx(Lock) type 3. Support Clone MQB48-NEC35xx(Lock) type dashb...

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VVDI Prog and VVDI2 Program 2010 Ford Transit All Keys Lost

2010 Ford Transit Mk7 all keys lost and active Cat1 factory alarm. Key learning cannot be carried out by normal OBD operation with alarm active as key learning by OBD is blocked.   Removed BCM, read key data (chip MC9S12DG256) directly from the module using xhorse vvdi prog on the bench, added a new key on the bench with xhorse vvdi2, installed BCM back to the van, switch ignition on with reg...

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How to Solve Xhorse VVDI2 OBD BDC swfl error Car Not Start?

Problem: Trying to program Bmw F48 BDC key with xhorse vvdi2 by OBD, after patch, programming ok, and when restoring original eeprom the vvdi2 returns swfl error and it is no longer possible to continue. Already read and saved coding before start to program. Car won’t start, doesn’t recognize key, how to solve it?         You must do it with battery maintenance if unlock it via...

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Xhorse VVDI2 Change Mileage for EDC16U1

How-to: read EDC16U1 ECU CS, MAC code, change km and IMMO Off using Xhorse vvdi2 programmer.   Run vvdi2 software Select VW program Go to Special Function-> Engine Control Unit Read memory data     Detect type as EDC16U1 Read CS and MAC successfully Input KM you desired to change and press write KM Switch ignition OFF for 5 seconds, then switch ignition ON Write KM successfully &...

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Xhorse VVDI2 Read 2018 Audi Q3 NEC+24C64 IMMO Data

Today I have an instrument cluster from 2018 Audi Q3 with all keys lost. What I’m going to do is to turn the odometer on and extract immo data with Xhorse VVDI2. Once getting the immo data, I can make a key.   Let’s go start disassembling this cluster. Connect the dashboard to VVDI2 programmer.         Open VVDI2 software to login. The dashboard is dark when you see this t...

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Program VW Passat B7 All Keys Lost by VVDI Prog and VVDI2

How to: program VW Passat B7 ID48 Key using Xhorse VVDI Prog+ VVDI2. Here we have a working key so need to add a spare key. The easiest way is to clone ID48 transponder with vvdi mini key tool. Here we did it with vvdi prog and vvdi2 because have no id48 token. Same procedure if all keys lost.     Run VVDI2 software->VW->4th Immobilizer system- VW/Skoda/Seat->VW Passat/CC Key Le...

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How to Program BMW Key with VVDI2 and Godiag CAS2 CAS3 Test Platform?

Godiag CAS2 CAS3 Semi Smart Test Platform is a dedicated device developed for BMW locksmiths, maintenance engineers. It can be used with multiple BMW key programming devices like Xhorse, Autel, CGDI, Lonsdor, OBDSTAR, Xtool, AVDI etc to add key or do all keys lost on bench.   This test platform is suitable for magnetic semi-intelligent or smart keys. It does not do mechanical keys.   &nb...

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