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Xhorse VVDI2 Clone Audi BCM2 Encrypted Success

As titled, we have a customer asking is it possible to clone Audi BCM2 Encrypted with Xhorse VVDI?     We have customers successfully cloned it. Tools required: VVDI2+VVDIProg or vvdi key tool plus xhorse audi bcm2 adapter original key The process is posted below. Read Original data1 Enter ORI vvdi2 Read ORI data2 Process with vvdi 2 Save Original immo data file. Save Original service fi...

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Xhorse VVDI BIMTool Pro Tested Working with CAS Plug

Xhorse VVDI2 has been long been tested with no issue with the xhorse CAS plug adapter (check previous post). Now the Xhorse VVDIM BIMTool Pro has confirmed working too. After the recent software and firmware updates you can now connect directly to a cas2 cas3 cas3+ cas3++ cas3+ istap directly without the need for the junction box. This allows you to read isn on bench, add key, downgrade istap and ...

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Program Renault Kangoo 93C56 All Keys Lost by VVDI2 Super Chip

Here is the tip on learning a new transponder for a Renault Kangoo (2002-2007). The customer had lost all keys and now needed a new transponder.   Step 1: Read eeprom 93c56 Locate eeprom ic chip 93c56, desolder from ecu Solder chip into eeprom adapter               Read and save data with ecu programmer (vvdi prog, orange5, upa etc)     Step 2: Wri...

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Top Tools to Read BMW MSV80 DME ISN Code

Have Continental DME MSV80 to read ISN, which key programmer is the best to choose?   Xhorse VVDI2 10 minutes job for reading ISN MSV80.     How to use VVDI2 to read MSV80 ISN Code? Even from VVDI2 4.9.0, it can read MSV80 ISN no issues. Go to Key Learn, then select ECU ISN Select Type: MSV80, then Read ECU information   This is ECU info         Advice: Conn...

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Xhorse VVDI2 Wiring Diagram to BMW CAS3 Plug

Is it possible to read CAS3 in bank with godiag gt100 and xhorse vvdi2? I’m trying and I couldn’t.       Suggestion: Yes, with xhorse CAS plug.       Using Cas3 adapter or bench vvdi prog soldering easy. If it’s CAS3+ or CAS3++. You’d better dump eeprom by adapters or soldering. This is the diagram however it’s better to solder to obtain the EEE and Flash save first a...

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Xhorse VVDI2 Write Key Alfa Romeo 166 via VVDI Super Chip

First time I tried to generate an xhorse vvdi super chip as a PCF7935 but it didn’t work with the Alfa Romeo 166. Then i generate the xt27 as ID44 Volkswagen. That’s how it worked. 1. Generate super chip as ID44 Volkswagen Insert super chip into vvdi key tool max identify chip type PCF7936 Go to Generate transponder function Generate as ID44 Volkswagen             &nb...

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Possible to Change BMW CAS3 Mileage with VVDI Prog?

How do I change the mileage on this Cas3 0L15Y using Xhorse Vvdi Prog?       Solution: The mileage is in the 2 first line. Vvdi prog is only for read and write on CAS. You need vvdi2 for editing.  Send a file to someone or use other tools to edit mileage. vvdi2 can edit CAS eeprom to 0km, then save and write with vvdi prog. In VVDI2, go to Special Function – Change KM. Works 100% fo...

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