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Xhorse VVDI2 Write Volvo V70 93C56 Key

Question: I need to write key on Volvo V70 1998- with 93С66 and pcf7935 with Xhorse vvdi2 key programmer. When loading eeprom data, free positions 4, 5 and 6 are not available for writing. How to solve this issue? 1). If write key with xhorse super chip, just generate key from position 1, 2 or 3. No need write back data to immo box. 2). If write key with original key, need to write back data to im...

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Can Xhorse Audi BCM2 Adapter Work with VVDI2?

Xhorse released new optional Audi BCM2 solder free adapter.  Here are frequently asked questions  and answers of the new adapter.       Q: Is it for xhorse key tool plus only or mini prog? A: The Audi bcm2 adapter is compatible with vvdi key tool plus and vvdi2 +vvdiprog.   Q: does it support Audi A6L all keys lost without synchronize data? A: No, A6L/A6 AKL still requires sync...

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How to Solve Xhorse VVDI2 All Update Error Code?

Here is the working solution to Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer various update error codes via Upgrade Kit.   Error Code 1: Error code (22:03:00:00:00) Read Internal Error     Error Code 2 Error code (402:03:02:A5:0E) Upgrade Failed as well as other update failed error codes,  follow solution below: 1. Change another USB cable, other COM ports or laptop 2. Try to Fix internal error 1 or...

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Xhorse VVDI2 VAG K-line Instrument/Immo Box Function

Question: I have a Vw golf 6 2011. Possible to do an instrumental cluster adaption with xhorse vvdi2 device? I have replaced the old instrument and need to place & adapt a new cluster to the vehicle. Answer: Yes, you can. Go to Special Function – K-line Instrument/Immo Box VVDI2 VAG K-Line Instrument/Immobox Function Explanation OBD read PIN from K-Line instrument and immobox, read/write EEPRO...

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3 Steps to Exchange BMW FEM/BDC Module with Xhorse VVDI2

The answer is Yes. BMW F chassis FEM/BDC module should be exchanged in case it was damaged due to misoperation when matching keys or repairing. Using Xhorse VVDI2 to replace FEM/BDC module directly will be much faster and economical.   How to exchange BMW FEM/BDC by VVDI2?   Step1. Preparation Find a same year & model of FEM/BDC as the damaged one, new or secondhand is workable.   FE...

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How to Generate Toyota XM Proximity Remote with Xhorse VVDI2

How-to: generate Xhorse Toyota XM remote (8A) using VVDI2 key programmer.         The XM smart key does not come with key shell.  key shell is available on ebay or aliexpress. Insert xhorse smart key into vvdi2. In xhorse vvdi2 software, select Asia->Toyota->All remote-> 2110 314.35/315.10 type, tick From default database and press Prepare proximity remote    ...

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VAG Cluster Bench Connection Pinout for Xhorse VVDI2

Problem: I have s Skoda supreb 2012 which has one working smart key (orignal key MEGAMOS ID48), car push start button. Customer need another key so i program xhorse vvdi smart key with vvdi2 vag but end process in cluster dispalys 0-2.  0-2 mean no key learned still in programming mode. Key not program with near push start & original key only remote work, not ignition & not start.  I have ...

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