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How to Program BMW Key with VVDI2 and Godiag CAS2 CAS3 Test Platform?

Godiag CAS2 CAS3 Semi Smart Test Platform is a dedicated device developed for BMW locksmiths, maintenance engineers. It can be used with multiple BMW key programming devices like Xhorse, Autel, CGDI, Lonsdor, OBDSTAR, Xtool, AVDI etc to add key or do all keys lost on bench.   This test platform is suitable for magnetic semi-intelligent or smart keys. It does not do mechanical keys.   &nb...

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How to Solve Xhorse VVDI2 Software Not Working on WinXP?

Problem: the entry point to the Initialize SRWLock procedure was not found in the DLL KERNEL32.dll After upgrading xhorse vvdi2 software to version 7.3.5 on Windows Xp. Version 7.3.2 working ok. I tried it on 3 computers. This error is everywhere .The new update does not work on WindowsXP What to do?     Solution: Replace ConfigClient.dll file in that folders : /BMW, /transponder program...

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How to Fix BMW CAS4 if Car Not Start via OBD?

Here comes similar problems: Problem 1: vvdi2 killed my CAS4. How to fix corrupt flash? The car is F10 from 2011. The CAS in number 4. I was trying to make a spare key today using new option in Xhorse VVDI2. To do that the tool has to unlock the CAS unit but with my version first it asked for upgrade. So I started the upgrade and the time error showed on the 2nd level of flashing. I tried several ...

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Program Ducati Panigale 1199 Key by VVDI Prog and VVDI2

Ducati Panigale key programming 1199 reading eeprom with vvdi prog and programming transponder key with Vvdi2. Choose new key position. If choose a used key, when you open the switch the dash will ask for pin code.   Read motorola MC9S12P128 mcu with vvdi prog       Write key Ducati 1199 Panigale with vvdi2 via dump.        

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Xhorse VVDI2 BMW BDC OBD Unlock Car No Communication Solution

Problem: I was trying to add a new spare key to Bmw x1 2019 BDC with xhorse vvdi2 via OBD. Now BDC has no communication, error SWFL Lost. Any solution?         Possible reason: Failed to make sure proper voltage.   Solution: Now you need to restore flash. You need to bench read flash and repair then write back to BDC. Try to unlock on bench. Power supply stable at 13.5v. T...

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Autel IM608 BMW BDC OBD No Communication Solution

Here come similar problems: 1). Autel failed via OBD BMW BDC (with manual gearbox) crashed during adding new key with Autel IM608 Pro via OBD. Now no communication with car via obd.  I have backup coding read via OBD. What is the way to repair BDC? 2). VVDI2 failed via OBD Bmw x1 2019 Vvdi2 Ad key failed by obd bdc no communication (SWFL lost)         Solution: You need to benc...

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Unlock BMW CAS4 with Xhorse VVDI2 and Test Platform

How-to: unlock BMW CAS4 and add a newer shape key using xhorse vvdi2 key programmer.   Vehicle model example: Bmw F02 750 Li Get it out of the car because the transmission is 6HP and need to unlock on bench. (Before that when this CAS was connected to the car, it gave a warning and told that this car is having 6 hp transmission you should do it by a programmer or on the bench)   Device u...

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