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Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool FAQs

Try to collect VVDI MINI Key tool reviews (what can it do) as well as the frequently -asked-questions (FAQ) like: Free COPY 48 96bit, Toyota H chip clone, firmware update, tokens, activation, bind and unbind, user manual etc. VVDI MINI Key tool Free COPY 48 96bit Every mini Keytool inc free copy 48 96bit 1/day (1 year) no need to enable by user. id 48 96 bit activ Able to clone an Toyota H chip wi...

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How to Update VVDI Mini Key Tool firmware to V1.1.1?

Xhorse App update to V1.5.1 and vvdi mini key tool remote maker firmware update to V1.1.1 on June 3rd, 2019. Update Feature: -Support copy vvdi super chip -Add French language -UI Improvement -BugFix How to Update VVDI mini key tool firmware to v1.1.1? Connect mini keytool with mobile phone via Bluetooth Open Xhorse app and check new update Press firmware update Update firmware in progress   ...

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How to activate VVDI Mini Key Tool DI48 96bit License?

Here’s the step-by-step process to activate VVDI Mini Key Tool ID48 96 bit transponder clone function on new Xhorse App. Procedure: Step 1: Login App Login Xhorse App with mobile phone number and password For new users, need to register App first, check guide here Verify success Step 2: Select device Turn on Bluetooth and connect mini key tool Step 3: Combine device In main menu, select Device &am...

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