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Xhorse condor

Xhorse Manual Key Cutter: Dolphin XP007 or Condor XC-002

Lots of customers want to know what are the differences between Xhorse manual Key Cutting Machines: Dolphin XP007 & Condor XC-002. Many of them do not know how to choose. Go ahead to the comparison below to find your answer.   Dolphin XP007 vs. Condor XC-002 Comparison Item Dolphin XP007 Condor XC-002 Image Price(may vary according to marketing sale) $689 $1199 Dimension 282×246.5x355mm 2...

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How do I Know Xhorse Condor Power Board is Damaged?

One user met a problem that his Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus machine cannot start, even if the machine was updated to latest version, USB light is on, the issue still remains.     At this point, engineer should have to troubleshoot if the Condor XC-Mini power board was damaged.   How to check if Condor XC-Mini power board is damaged?   Place down the XC-Mini Plus machine, take out scr...

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How to Combine VVDI Key Tool Plus and Condor Dolphin?

Questions: 1. How to combine the xhorse dolphin xp005 with the vvdi key tool plus pad to get the daily free token? 2. If i have my dolphin combined with my key tool plus how do you know when you get a token per day when combined? 3.  I need to combine dolphin to this tool and should I remove from my VVDI MB?     Answers: 1. If you combine xhorse key tool plus with Condor XC-Mini,  Condor...

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Xhorse Condor BMW 320 E46 EWS Key Duplication

How to duplicate a BMW 320 E46 1999-2006 key by Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus key cutting machine?         Fix the original BMW key on clamp, press Key duplication >> BMW >> 320 >> E46(1998-2006) >> Confirm >> Key decode Condor XC-Mini machine will start decoding…                 Press “Cut”. Condor Mini Plus ma...

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Decode and Cut Hyundai IX35 09-11 Key by Xhorse Condor

Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus key cutting machine can decode & cut by key code for vehicles. Here I will show to work for Hyundai ix35 key as example.   Install the original key on clamp, and fix it flat. Go to press on Condor XC-Mini tablet screen.   Decode Key Code Key duplication >> Hyundai >> ix35 >> LM(09-11) >> Confirm             &...

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Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Cut Chevy Trailblazer B89 Key

Hi, everybody, today I’m going to use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Key Cutting Machine to demonstrate how to cut a B89 key for Chevrolet Trailblazer lock.   Having been read out key bitting codes, let’s start to cut by bitting directly.   This is Xhorse Key Tool Max used to control Dolphin XP005, you may also control it on a smart phone with Xhorse app installed.   Connect Key Tool Max with...

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Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Duplicate SIP22 Key

Today I’m gonna to demonstrate how to copy a SIP22 key using with Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus key cutting machine.   Prepare an original key, and a key blank. Install the original key on M2 clamp, fix it flat.       Press on Condor XC-Mini Plus tablet screen, Key duplication >> Universal type >> 4 track internal >> Confirm >> Key decode   Condor mini plus...

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