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Xhorse Mini Prog

How to Read BMW ISN with Xhorse Mini Prog and Multi Function Adapter?

Just done a test using the xhorse multifunction adapter with xhorse mini prog and it works fine. I read BMW ECU, first using vvdi prog.       Then I read using mini prog and adapter. in Mini Prog app, select BMW EDC17C50_Fxx. It shows wiring diagram with XDNP30 BOSH ECU Adapter. I don’t have this adapter, i have the old Bosch ecu adapter for vvdi prog. The multi-function adapter can...

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How to Add BMW M3 2011 CAS3+ Key by Xhorse Mini Prog and Key Tool Max

How-to: BMW M3 2011 CAS3+ ISTAP 0L15Y spare key programming with xhorse mini prog and key tool max.   1.Read EEPROM with VVDI Mini Prog       Remove CAS3+ Module       Connect mini prog CAS3 solder free adapter with CAS3 module Follow mini prog app prompts to read EEPROM and save data       2.Make dealer key with xhorse vvdi key tool max  In key to...

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Toyota Yaris 93C66 AKL by Xhorse Mini Prog Key Tool Max

Easy 3 steps to complete Toyota Yaris 93C66 all keys lost job without soldering.  Xhorse Mini Prog and key tool max are required here to finish the task. Step 1: Read and save eeprom Step 2: Prepare dealer key Step 3: write back new dump file   Le’s get started.       In vvdi mini prog app, select EEPROM Flash function-ATMEL-AT93CXX-AT93C66 (pressure) clean the 93c66 chip pin &...

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Xhorse Mini Prog + VVDI Key Tool Max Program 2013 VW CC 95320

How to use Xhorse Mini Prog + VVDI Key Tool Max to program a dealer key M95320 for 2013 Volkswagen Passat CC? Today I’ll demonstrate it on bench.   Read & Save EEPROM Remove the outer shell to take out chip. Hold and push Mini Prog straight down on the M95320 chip. Press on Key Tool Max meanwhile,           EEPROM and FLASH >> ST >> M95XXX >> M95...

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How to Read Renault BCM 95040 with Xhorse Mini Prog and Key Tool Max?

How to use Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog & Key Tool Max to read Renault Duster BCM IC95040 eeprom? As below I’ll show step by step.   Tools A Renault Duster BCM IC95040 module A VVDI Mini Prog A VVDI Key Tool Max       Connect Mini Prog with Key Tool Max via Bluetooth firstly.   Remove BCM IC95040 outer shell, hold & push Mini Prog down straight on chip to read;   &nb...

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How to Add BMW CAS3 Key by Xhorse Key Tool Max and Mini Prog?

Purpose Using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max & Mini Prog to program a new key for BMW CAS3+ on bench.   Tools BMW CAS3/CAS3+, dashboard, ignition modules BMW CAS3/CAS3+ Solder-free Adapters VVDI Key Tool Max Xhorse Mini Prog An old BMW key & a new key           Procedure   Read EEPROM Connect Key Tool Max with Mini Prog via Bluetooth. Go to Mini Prog main page, pres...

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How to Export Data from Xhorse Mini Prog to Other Xhorse Devices?

After read and save data by xhorse mini prog pen programmer, you are allowed to upload data to xhorse data server and share data with other xhorse tools. Check detail instruction below:   Step 1: Read Data  i.e 24C04           Select EEPROM and FLASH function Select manufacturer-ATMEL->AT24CXX->AT24C04       Check wiring diagram, mini prog indicat...

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