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Xhorse smart remote

Failed to Generate Xhorse XSKF20EN Smart Remote by Repair

I had problems generating Xhorse XSKF20EN smart remote with vvdi mini key tool. Try all options, no luck, and ask to use PROX key.  Generate wired, wireless and super remote all working fine. any idea?         VVDISHOP Suggestion: Update your mini key tool and database to the latest version, then try generate more remote options or VVDI Smart key repair under special function. ...

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VVDI Key Tool Max clone Kia ID46 Smart Remote

How to copy/clone a smart key using VVDI Key Tool Max? Here takes an example of Kia ID46 smart key cloning. You’ll need: A original smart key A Xhorse smart remote key VVDI Key Tool Max Put original smart key into key tool max’s induction area Select Remote Clone->Transponder Clone->ID46 online calculation->->Copy proximity remote *Online calculation requires network connection.  ...

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