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Xhorse VVDI Prog

Renault Opel VW SRS Pinouts to VVDI Prog

Here are some airbag pinouts to some important vehicles (European vehicles mainly) that don’t show in Xhorse vvdi prog programmer.  Thanks to @ s qubiak for sharing. Renault / Dacia SPC560 Pinout xprog edit for vvdi Test ok   Opel SPC 56AP54x Pinout CPT edit for vvdi prog Fiat 500 L SRS MPC/SPC CPT edit for vvdi prog Dacia / Renault SPC560P50L3 V2 pinout CPT edit for VVDI-prog Dacia /Renault ...

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VVDI Prog BMW CAS4 No Remove Component Pinouts

Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.8.8 adds BMW CAS4 1L15Y 5M48H read/write without removing components. + Add CAS4-1L15Y-CERAMICS, CAS4-1L15Y-METAL-NO-NEED-REMOVE-COMPONENTS PICTURE in<4-IMMOBILIZER>-><BMW>-><CAS4-1L15Y> + Add CAS4-5M48H-CERAMICS, CAS4-5M48H-METAL-NO-NEED-REMOVE-COMPONENTS PICTURE in<4-IMMOBILIZER>-><BMW>-><CAS4-5M48H-R/W/UNLOCK> + Add CAS4-5M48H-...

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Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.8.6 adds BMW Bosch ECU Adapter

Xhorse VVDI PROG programmer released new software version 4.8.6. ————————————- v4.8.6              (2019-9-02) * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add VVDI PROG USER MANUAL 4.8.6 version in Doc folder + Add ME17.5.22(TC1724)(ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.4_Exx(N20)(ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.4_Exx(N20)(ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.4_Fxx(N20)(ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.9_Fxx(N20)(ADAPTER), MEVD17.2.9_Exx(N20)(ADAPTER), MED17.5...

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VVDI Pro Delphi MT86 (3500) Gearbox PINOUT

Delphi MT86 (3500) Gearbox Hyundai – Kia -Read and write ok by ECU reflash cable -Pinout some as VVDI-Prog manual -Other operation some as picture The power should be disconnect and connect before each operation. Here comes one problem: i am trying to clone mt86 with 2 infineon inside , i tried to read with vvdi prog the old ecu it says chip not connected i did exactly as the help in vvdiprog. The...

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How to solve VVDI Prog Porsche Cayenne 5m48h Crack Error

Problem: I have not been able to read Porsche Cayenne BCM with Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer, followed the wiring diagram to connect BCM and selected chip BCM 5M48H R/W/UNLOCK to read data. vvdi failed me and gave crack error: “Incorrect crack. Please confirm the type of chip. Check the connection and try again” Photo attached:         VVDISHOP solution: When read Porsche Cayenne...

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