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How to Downgrade Xprog Clone to 5.5.1?

Purpose of downgrade: xprog clone v5.5.5 cannot read or write BMW FRM3 reliably. Solution: Downgrade to X-Prog v5.5.1 and use a dump from the Internet (v5.5.1 can't read D-flash) or buy a new Xprog v5.6 or newer (latest v5.84).   Version needs to be updated: 5.5.5 was not stable, Verification failed more often than succeeded or other versions that does not have valid certificates.   &nbs...

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Xprog read BMW Airbag to remove 240 Internal Error

On the example of the control unit Temic 6577-6900727, he himself MRSZ3 V. 2.5-V. 3.0.  I will show you how to remove 240 “Internal error” error. This airbag has been installed in BMW e39, е38 and е46. For this you need a xprog box programmer that will be able to read the data from this ECU. We just need to record new memory without errors in the Motorola MC68HC12b32 element. See the c...

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How to enable BMW E46 tripple blinker with Xprog

Here's the DIY guide for those whom want to get tripple blinker on their BMW E46. DIY:  1) you need LSZ module with =>SW3.6 on sticker 2) xprog v5.55 v5.60 or above with mc9s12 bdm adapter 3) sticked dump of ci37 (eeprom virgined, need to be coded after installing ecu to car) wires color legend (follow xprog box connection manual for mc9s12d64): blue – reset red – VCC green – ...

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Benz Sprinter 2010 EZS Pinouts to Xprog and R270

Purpose:  Do odometer correction on 2010 Sprinter Van. I need the soldering points for the ezs/eis.I can't actually see the mask but after extensive reading every points to them having the 0L01Y mask. Which programmer will work? Solution: R260 original ok clone rosfar,ok xprog clone ok R270 ok Use xprog the pinouts for xprog is what posted below. i always do this with xprog and never had a problem...

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