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Yanhua ACDP

AT200, Hextag or Yanhua to Clone BMW MG1 ECU?

What is the best tool to clone BMW ECU MG1 and MD1 and How to do? provides top solutions on this.     1. CG AT200 At200 needs a special cable to read those ECU on bench.  at200 bench read flash and eeprom works great with the adapter. Connection is easy no soldering. AT-200 software will show the detail operation guide. The special cable can read/write ISN from MG1CS003, MG1...

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What is the Best 9S12 Programmer?

Hello everyone, I am looking for a good programmer for mcu 9s12 family that can also work with XEQ, and other masks.       Best 9S12 Programmer Reviews: Worked with everything (VVDI prog, r270, xprog, etc). I know it’s kind of luck, but among 100s of processor I have never killed a single one. With all the respect possible, develop your research and soldering skills. With right pino...

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Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ISN Read Write DME Type List

Here lists all available Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ISN DME Type List (keep updating…) * Yanhua ACDP main unit and DME ISN reading license is required. Some DME types need special interface board, check tablet list below: With / Without dissembling   DME or Chassis DME Type Read & Write ISN Code Without dissembling Read & Write N20 N13 N55 ISN Read & Write MSV80 MSV85 ISN Re...

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How to use integrated interface board for Yanhua Mini ACDP?

Yanhua Tech developed new Mini ACDP integrated interface boards for DME N13 N20 N55 B48 ISN reading and BMW FEM/BDC bench programming. What’s the benefits of the integrated boards? Simple operation! Plug and use it directly! Avoid incorrect connection! Safe and reliable connection! Yanhua ACDP N55 Integrated Interface Board First of all, check ACDP old DME ISN adapter connection below Disadvantage...

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Yanhua ACDP Wiring Diagram to EEPROM 24 25 93 95 Series

Yanhua ACDP Mini Wiring Diagram: Suitable for EEPROM 24 25 93 95 Series Used for in circuit (ICP)and on board(OBP)programming Features: No need to remove chip No need soldering No need to cut the line No need to lift the pin Wiring: How to use with OBP + ICP adapter Good to know where is: Patch (SOP) soldering area DIP chip area 20 pin extension area 8 pin extension area CAN terminal resistance se...

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UPA USB or Yanhua Mini ACDP to Read & write Fujitsu MB91F

Q: Hello anyone used this new Yanhua Mini ACDP tool for Fujitsu MB91Fxxx in Honda dash? I’ve also seen some one use UPA USB V1.4 for Fujitsu? A: You have luck with either a UPA-USB programmer or Mini ACDP, to read and write Fujitsu MB91Fxxx. Both are tested successfully by professionals. Here are tips and guides of Fujitsu MB91Fxxx read and write. Option 1: UPA-USB V1.4 reads & writes Fujitsu ...

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How to change Hyundai Verna 24C16 Mileage without Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP is not only a key programmer but also an eeprom programmer based on mobile system. Here’s the demo guide to read eeprom and change odometer on a Hyundai Verna.   No need laptop No need to remove chip No soldering (Note: Only Yanhua mini acdp host default package is required in this case. Don’t need other authorization. )   Remove instrument cluster Hyundai Verna  EEPROM ...

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