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Yanhua Mini ACDP

Yanhua ACDP Wiring Diagram to EEPROM 24 25 93 95 Series

Yanhua ACDP Mini Wiring Diagram: Suitable for EEPROM 24 25 93 95 Series Used for in circuit (ICP)and on board(OBP)programming Features: No need to remove chip No need soldering No need to cut the line No need to lift the pin Wiring: How to use with OBP + ICP adapter Good to know where is: Patch (SOP) soldering area DIP chip area 20 pin extension area 8 pin extension area CAN terminal resistance se...

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UPA USB or Yanhua Mini ACDP to Read & write Fujitsu MB91F

Q: Hello anyone used this new Yanhua Mini ACDP tool for Fujitsu MB91Fxxx in Honda dash? I’ve also seen some one use UPA USB V1.4 for Fujitsu? A: You have luck with either a UPA-USB programmer or Mini ACDP, to read and write Fujitsu MB91Fxxx. Both are tested successfully by professionals. Here are tips and guides of Fujitsu MB91Fxxx read and write. Option 1: UPA-USB V1.4 reads & writes Fujitsu ...

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How to change Hyundai Verna 24C16 Mileage without Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP is not only a key programmer but also an eeprom programmer based on mobile system. Here’s the demo guide to read eeprom and change odometer on a Hyundai Verna.   No need laptop No need to remove chip No soldering (Note: Only Yanhua mini acdp host default package is required in this case. Don’t need other authorization. )   Remove instrument cluster Hyundai Verna  EEPROM ...

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